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  • Dumfriesshire


  • Celebrations, traditions and customs


  • Amateur


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 1873

Date: 1950

Director: filmed by W.E. Richardson

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.50 mins

Description: The Thornhill agricultural show and Thornhill Gala Day in the Borders.

Shotlist: Title (0.05); ls turnstiles (0.09) Shot of poster advertising Nithsdale Agricultural Society Thornhill Show and Grand Tableau Parade (0.27); gvs showing Clydesdales; ms horses (0.43) General views of show, pipe band; showing cattle and horses, intercut with c/u's crowds (1.39); Shots of the Grand Tableau Parade; close-ups of floats [including a tableau of the cartoon Broon family] intercut with c/u's crowd; pantomime horse (3.40); Shots of display of Clydesdale horses, hitched to "The Clydesdale is supreme"; "No fuel, no cares, no spares, no tax - breed your own replacements"] (4.20) A Powerful display (4.23) team of four Clydesdales gallop past camera (4.35) shots of show jumping, c/u judges (5.27) Betty Baird has a spot of bother but - - (5.30) shot of horse refusing twice and falling over, upsetting a jump; [rider stands up quickly]; jump is rebuilt (5.50) -- shows that it's nae bother at a' (5.53) rider completes the course (6.02) exts. women washing dishes; ints Electricity Board tent, displays of agricultural appliances [possibly an egg incubator] and electric cookers; c/u chicks (6.38) pan over group (6.42) The winners (6.44); riders take a lap of the field (7.02) Thornhill Worthies (7.04) ms group of older men (7.10) pan over event and car park from hillside (7.26) Thornhill Gala Day.cloudy weather - but the show must go on (7.34) brief c/u bugler; shots of children arriving by car on street decorated with bunting and lined by scout cubs, crowds looking on. [Thornhill Cross in b/ground] (8.08) Helen Marchbank the new Queen arrives (8.10) Gala Queen processes down street and takes her place on platform intercut with shots of crowds and people watching from windows (9.04) Mr Hume introduces Mrs Paterson who performs the crowning ceremony (9.09) gvs of crowning ceremony (10.15) Gala Queen leaving on swan float. Shots of the procession through the streets, shots of crowds close-ups of small groups (11.39) ls parade turning corner; ms pipe band pass by; c/u floats as they pass (13.32); Dominie Glendinning (13.34) c/u man dressed as school master, in pince-nez and mortar board (13.41) Court jesters. (13.43) Shots of children's show inside classroom (14.18) The Big Blaw and the Wee Blaw (14.22); Shots of man and boy playing pipes, and drummers (14.44) shotgun shooting competition; c/u men in tent with box of match clay targets [with sign "very fragile please handle like eggs"] (15.11) After a film show & ice cream the children wend their way homeward. (15.18) c/u's children leaving single storey picture house or the neighbouring ice cream shop, some still eating ice cream (15.50)