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Reference number: 1830

Date: 1974

Director: filmed by C.E. Palmar

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20 mins

Description: A look at nine different species of cliff-breeding seabirds resident in Scotland. Features the gannet, cormorant, shag, guillemot, razor-bill and puffin, black guillemot, fulmar and kittywake in locations such as Ailsa Craig, Bass Rock and St. Abb's Head.

The film-maker was Charles Palmar, a Natural History Curator in Kelvingrove Art Galleries, Glasgow from 1949 - 1984.

Credits: ph. and p. C.E. Palmar
nar. Paul Kermack
sd. Park Film Studios

Shotlist: credits (0.37) gvs rocky coastline and cliffs where birds live, on Scottish islands and mainland (1.32) c/u gannet (1.41) c/u cormorant on rocks (1.57) c/u shag, sitting on nest (2.03) guillemots (2.19) c/u razorbill (2.29) c/u puffin (2.39) c/u black guillemot (2.46) c/u fulmar (2.53) c/u kittiwake (3.00) l/s Ailsa Craig and gannet colony there; shots of them high diving for fish (3.35) Bass Rock, Firth of Forth, gvs gannet colony nesting, bill shaking (4.39) c/u webbed feet (4.44) c/u gannet's face and making nests from seaweed and grass (5.48) c/u egg and hatched chick, preening the soft down (6.52) gvs gannets in slow motion flying around rocks where other gannets nest (7.26) cormorants flying and fishing, dwelling on cliffs (8.29) cormorant holds out its wings to dry (8.45) c/u hooked beak and 'scaley' plumage pattern (9.13) nest of whitewashed seaweed and sticks, with white eggs (9.19) shot of nest with newly hatched chick, unhatched egg and female bird (9.42) young bird begs to be fed (9.56) gvs shags on rock (10.08) c/u shag nesting amongst sea pinks and group of birds calling (11.01) m/s St. Abb's Head, Berwickshire (11.09) gvs guillemots (11.30) guillemots on sea, fishing (11.52) c/u egg laid on risky ledge (11.58) razorbill swooping and sitting on cliff (12.17) shot of razorbill and its egg, laid in 'cranny' on cliff (12.37) razorbills and puffins congregate on ledge (13.00) gvs puffins and their nests, deep in burrows on sloping grassy clifftop (13.40) puffin, with dead grass in beak, used to build nest (14.00) c/u puffin, with small fish captured in beak (14.10) gvs puffins (14.31) shot of a sea loch, Skye with gvs black guillemots fishing (14.57) shot of black guillemot squatting on rock (15.14) shot of chick, hiding amongst boulders (15.20) gvs fulmars and chick (16.06) gvs kittiwakes swooping around cliffs (17.00) kittiwakes and their nests, built on mud and seaweed, shots of mating rituals and fights between birds (17.42) kittiwake and chicks in nest (17.59) gvs birds flying around cliffs (18.36) ecs (19.06)