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Reference number: 1826

Date: 1969

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Park Film Studios

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22 mins, c

Description: A study of the new towns of East Kilbride, Glenrothes, Cumbernauld and Livingston. Considers how each new town has developed and grown in its own way. Aspects of housing, architecture, communications, industry, leisure, education, environmental considerations and health and traffic are all considered.

East Kilbride was designated a new town in 1949, Cumbernauld in 1955 and Glenrothes in 1949.

Shotlist: No credits. man and woman walking along a suburban street (0.09); pan of a park with people sitting on the grass (0.20); c/u of a statue of a lady, l/s of statue (0.25); Sign for Welwyn Garden City (0.27); shot of a street with a row of houses (0.36); a peom called 'Garden Cities of Tomorrow' (0.43); portrait of a man (Ebenezer Howard?) (0.53); lady pushing a pram throught the streets of a new housing estate (1.01); pan of estate (1.11); city skyline (1.24); Slum clearance, knocking down tenements (1.33); map showing Glasgow, Cumbernauld, East Kilbride, Livingston and Glenrothes (1.43); Girl pressing the pedestrian button for the traffic lights (1.49); brief shot of Argyll Street (1.51); children cycling under an underpass, Cumbernauld(1.57); shopping mall (2.02); shot of a factory (2.08); Beckman factory (2.13); tenement street scene, children playing, cars driving along street (2.18); young boy playing with a pram (2.24); children playing on a climbing frame in a playground (2.31); woman working on sewing machine in a factory (2.42); page from a book, Chapter 68 on New Towns (2.51); GLASGOW , and thenEast Kilbride is added to diagram(3.08); pan of city landscape (3.13); Cumbernauld is added (3.17); aerial view of Cumbernauld (3.34); shot of motorway (3.44); Forth Road Bridge (3.49); shot of town centre (4.01); Glenrothes? (4.09); Map showing Glenrothes, Forth Road Bridge, Dundee & Edinburgh (4.18); map showing the new towns again (4.34); Livingston Development Corporation Building (4.40); countryside scenery then focusing on a factory (5.00); Blank (5.02); c/u of Livingston written on the map then a span out to show surrounding areas (5.24); c/u of Livingston Clock Tower (5.28); pan of Livingston Town Centre (5.370; Clock Tower (5.41); 'ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE INDUSTRIAL POPULATION REPORT' (5.45); Shot of the House of Parliament (5.53); Drawing of the plan for a New Town (6.13); Blank (6.16); another sketch (6.39); shot of tree lined suburban street (6.51); shot of New housing Estate, aerial view of estate (7.10); town centre (7.16); shops, people walking around, elderly couple sitting on a bench (7.34); shot of a man entering a house (7.51); high rise flat (8.00); new housing estate, aerial view of houses (8.16); exts. tracking shot of a factory (8.29); pan of factory workers, c/u of people working on the line, gvs of factory and workers (9.08); tracking shot of houses from a car (9.28); Blank (9.30); [col] school children running down a ramp (9.33); [b&w] woman walking (9.37); [col.] aerial shot of a factory (9.42); [b&w] map of Cumbernauld (9.48); Cumbernauld town centre (10.04); medium rise houses (10.11); [u/d] Welwyn Garden City sign (10.13); another shot of the houses, motorway (10.21); [col.] pathway surrounded by trees (10.33); [b&w] sign for 'The Cottage Theatre' (10.36); man reading from a book others are listening and a girl is painting in the background (11.13); a group of children (11.32); Glenrothes Technical College (11.54); shopping centre, Glenrothes? (11.59); children playing on scooters and tricyles (12.02); Blank (12.06); children, woman and men working in a factory (12.35); Beckman factory (electronics?) (12.43); man talking (13.36); sketch of new town plan (13.41); aerial view of town (13.48); shops (13.51); Dollan Baths (13.59); gvs of town centre (Glenrothes?) (14.36); man talking (15.19); map showing Glasgow and the new towns (16.34); driving through new towns as they are recently been built (17.19);