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Reference number: 1810

Date: 1962

Director: d. Douglas Gray

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Park Film Studios Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.59 mins

Description: A regional geography film covering the area bounded by lines from Stonehaven to Helensburgh and Girvan to Dunbar. It looks at various industries in this central belt - steel, engineering, shipbuilding, thread and textiles, coal, electricity, oil, plastics, and farming (cereals, dairy and berry)

See also ref. 0587 CENTRAL SCOTLAND for different version.

Teaching notes held.

Credits: nar. John Shedden
educational advisor W.G.Beaton
anim. Edward Odling

Shotlist: Opening credits (0.13) map of central Scotland (0.46) gvs Princes Street, Edinburgh, busy with people and traffic (1.05) brief shot of Edinburgh Castle, gv over city form the ramparts followed by shots of St. Giles Church, taken from the street (1.27) shots of the general assembly of Church of Scotland procession (1.53) aerial views over the city of Dundee followed by street scene showing people, shop fronts and traffic (2.13) aerial view over George Square, Glasgow followed by shot of large ship being tugged into Glasgow's docklands (2.33) brief shots of shipbuilders at work (2.45) brief street scene of Paisley followed by shots inside a steelworks factory at Glasgow, then shots of ship engine parts (4.20) panning shot over shipyards (4.57) ints motor vehicle factory (5.35) ints Glasgow chain-making works (6.06) ints cotton thread mill in Paisley showing woman at work and the machinery (6.41) ints linoleum factory in Kirkcaldy showing materials and machinery (7.34) brief shot newspaper seller on street, brief ints and exts of various factories in central Scotland e.g. Ferranti, an electronics factory, shots of land being cleared so a new factory can be built (8.50) ints cash register factory at Dundee, showing men and women at work (9.40) panning shot over Glasgow's industrial landscape followed by shots of housing demolition in Glasgow, then shots of new multi-storey blocks of flats being built (10.30) shots of Great Western Road - school pupils crossing road onto Bank street (en route to Hillhead School perhaps) at pelican crossing while policeman holds up traffic. Shop facades are visible. Shot of St. Vincent street as buses pass by, tram cables are in view overhead (11.00) street scene in Kirkintilloch, including shot of a road repair worker in a demob suit (11.23) street scenes in East Kilbride, including shot of babies in twin pram, followed by int. of a primary classroom showing girls knitting (11.50) ext. coal mine with miners leaving (12.27) l/s Kincardine power station followed by shot of Finnart oil terminal, then brief shot of road oil tanker lorry (13.01) gvs Grangemouth docks, ships cranes and cargo are shown (13.59) gvs Glasgow docks showing iron ore being discharged from ship (14.33) gvs wheat, oats and barely harvesting in fields by combine harvester(15.45) gvs dairy cows in field in Ayrshire followed by gvs at glasshouse tomato farm in Clyde valley, Lanark (16.41) gvs berry picking in Angus followed by gvs inside a Blairgowrie raspberry cannery, showing women at work (17.58) ints. of offices showing women working at typewriters, brief shot of hovercraft testing on Gairloch, brief shot huge electricity transformer being transported by road (19.08) gvs Glasgow docklands then l/s of liner (19.38) ecs (19.59)