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Reference number: 1725

Date: 1956

Director: [filmed by the Dawn Cine Group]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Description: Sequences shot for a film on Highland depopulation; interiors of houses in Sutherland and in Glasgow, the lime kilns at Eriboll, fishing boats at Lochinver, Dounreay under construction and the hydro board work at Altnabreac, Golspie.

Credits: [filmed by Donald Fletcher ? - his name on boxes of film]

Shotlist: Shot over tenement roofs towards cranes in distance; roller skating rink in Glasgow's Kelvingrove Park, young man looking on (0.40) shot of y-shaped mountain (0.49) brief blank (0.52) teacher and class in outdoor botany lesson (2.05) back court of tenement block (2.13) car arrives at cottage one man shoulders his bag to goes in; man carrying scythe stops at SYHA sign (2.56) children play outside rural schoolhouse; boy rings bell until all children are in; white-haired teacher at board; helping small girl at her desk (4.35) young man mows small patch of land (5.04) campers on beach; one girl goes to fetch fresh milk from a nearby cottage, and is sent away with an opened can of Carnation milk; man and girl meet again, look at derelict house, and sit together (7.19) shearing sheep; man, boy and dog herd sheep onto hills (7.57) woman and children collect peats in a keshie?; children running down hill, play in ruins (9.19) boy helps man repair a dry stane dyke (9.19) men fishing from the side of a boat near the coast; children welcome them in (10.48) woman from camp comes to tea; they talk and smoke; man shows girl a newspaper article "Light Industry Wanted" (12.40) exts. young man and woman talk by a stone wall by the coast, walk hand in hand (13.30) boy and sheepdog sit together; young couple walk to a pool's edge and talk (14.52) exts house, overgrown; shots of beached boat "Lydia" (15.33) shots along coast abandoned boats and houses (16.02) young man and woman meet old couple (16.53) shots of coast; woman and friends take down tent (17.44) young woman goes to cottage; couple climb a hill (18.33) broken spinning wheel; woman spinning wool (19.10) scenic views of coast (19.55) fishing boats in harbour; rock outcroppings; fileds of corn, haymaking (20.59) ls partly constructed Dounreay site, spherical structure, half -completed (21.18) cutting peat? using large tractor-like machine (21.53) c/u sign "North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board Peat Development Altnabreac Olgrinbeg Power Station" (21.15) ms statue of the Duke of Sutherland (23.03) pan over Golspie and coast from statue; c/u plaque "George Cranville First Duke of Sutherland ... Erected by his Tenantry and Friends" (23.20) ms moument; c/u plaque, "The Battle of Culloden was Fought on this Moor 16th April 1746"; c/u marking stone "Mixed Clans"; "Clan MacKintosh"; shots other stones marking Clan names (23.55) shot of Commando monument; c/u plaque (25.08) shots boy writing a letter; walking across moor; c/u address, Dornoch, Sutherland (25.50) young couple walk away from water side (26.05) c/u sign "Glencanisp Lodge & Cnochnaneach Only" (26.35) young couple talking together (27.53) trims; pan over hay fields; c/u plaque "Commemorating the place where the first gathering of men of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders...in September 1800" (28.58) gvs construction of harbour wall? (30.26) c/u abandoned boats "Golspie" and "Lydia"; teacher and children out hillside (31.38) putting potatoes into a rumbler; cutting eyes out of potato; carrying large basin of batter (33.21) blank; clear leader (33.49) gvs scenics, including shot adder (35.05) gvs water falling from hydro-electric dam; gvs Shin Power Station; ints. turbine? (36.32) blank; clear leader (36.53) gvs hillside; car passing sign pointing to Melvich; shot Suilven; ruined cottages (36.40) c/u sign "Assynt Estate Achmelvich Bay Caravan Site" (38.42) shot cottage; sign "No Caravans beyond this point"; ruined cottages (39.47) black leader(40.00) shots of dam; sign "Invergarry Salmon Hatchery"; feeding fish in large vats (41.10) planting tree seedlings?; sign "Forestry Commision South Laggan"; weeding seedlings (41.53) gvs Great Glen Cattle ranch (42.56)

[Rushes only]