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Reference number: 1693

Date: 1935c

Director: d. Clifford J. Strain

Production company: Strain Limited

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.34 mins

Description: A promotional film for the Territorial Army in Scotland, the TA's training techniques are highlighted.

See also refs. 3783, 3787
See also ref. 3786

Credits: ph. G.B. Equipments

Shotlist: Credits (0.18); Shot of Union Jack (0.31); The war proved the high military value of the TA. Its role is now to support the regular army in the event of a great national emergency and to provide the means for any temporary expansion of the forces of the Crown. There are two divisions in Scotland. The 51st (Highland Division) and the 52nd (Lowland Division). Also No. 602 City of Glasgow (Bomber) Squadron Auxiliary Air Force (1.28); Section of men in their regimental uniforms march into camera, including shot of a lorry driver of the Royal Army Service Corps (2.08); General views as the men practise shooting at the rifle range near Dechmont, Cambuslang (2.49); Group of men being taught how to use the Lewis gun. Close-ups of men using the gun and loading magazines (3.30); Shots of a group at the side of a road using the Lewis gun as an anti-aircraft gun (3.36); General view of gunners receiving instruction in the use of a horse-drawn machine gun (4.25); Panning shot of TA camp (Belltents) (4.48); General views of the Royal Engineers constructing a girder bridge (5.49); General views of Royal Engineers demolishing a chimney with explosives and close-ups of the men loading the charge (6.20); General views of the Royal Corps of Signals. Shots of men on motorbikes, general views of as tented signal office, operators tapping out Morse code signals (7.08); Close-up of the radio transmitter and shot of smaller transmitter on the back of a lorry (7.42); Shots of group of men operating portable radio equipment (7.48); General views at the tented signal office (8.08); General views of group of men as they erect telegraph poles (8.52); General shots of men laying ground lines with the aid of a mechanised cable lorry (9.03); Shot from static camera of a convoy passing through country road (9.18); General views of the transport division of the infantry with shots of men looking after the horses and general views of a grooming and equipment competition (10.19); Shots of the battalion leaving camp, led by a pipe band (10.52); General views of a group of men from the Signals using a heliograph and brief shots of men reading a map and others practising semaphore (11.21); General views of the men (11.27); General views of a mock attack with shots of the battalion marching and suddenly dispersing (11.54); Shots of various groups assembling machine gun posts (12.32); General views of the divisional battalion marching past Divisional Commander, General McCulloch, Lord Strathcona, the Under-Secretary of State for War (12.46); General views at the cook house (13.07); General views at the DAD hospital in the camp and shots of nurses attending to the patients (13.23); General views of sports including tug-of-war, musical chairs played on horseback, children's race and Highland dancing (14.10); General views of pipe band marching over the brow of a hill (15.04); Shots of changing guard (15.42); Silhouette of four buglers (16.55); General views of a mock attack by a convoy, including shots of men forming an observation post, gun crews with close-ups of loading and firing of a four inch gun (18.26); Close-up of RAF ensign (18.29); Shots of men working on bi-planes and parts of engines 602 Squadron (18.58); Line up of the bi-planes with their engines running; brief c/u control gauges (19.15); General shots of "wapitis" planes taking off and general views of the planes flying [ground aerial shots] (20.35); Shots of the battalion led by a pipe band as they march to the TA headquarters in Hill Street, Glasgow, with shots as they pass St Enoch's station, Buchanan Street and Hill Street itself. The End (21.34).