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Reference number: 1648

Date: 1952

Sponsor: [ Palace and Rio Cinemas, Kirkcaldy]

Sound: mute

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.07 mins

Description: An archery competition, a fancy dress competition, a procession and decorated floats at the Youth Pageant. The Pageant Queen visits a patients in the children's ward of the local hospital.

See also ref. 0879

Shotlist: REEL 1

No credits. General views of landscape around town (0.19); Kirkcaldy street scene. Exterior of the Palace Cinema (0.29); Shots of beach and harbour area. Long shot across bay to town (0.50); c/u archery sweater ; Members of the Burntisland Archery Club in open air competition. General views of spectators and archers (1.40); People on steps of country house (1.55); Langtoun Lass and Laddie, both wearing rosettes, smile to camera. (2.09); Children's fancy dress competition. General views inside hall (2.40); Outside, spectators and competitors mingle. Prizewinners' parade. General views of children being entertained by a comedian. (3.51); Shots of crowd-lined streets (4.36); Exterior of Rio Cinema and shots of pipe band leading procession (4.49); Shot of the Langtoun Lass in car and shots of decorated floats, some are lifting their collection bags up to windows on long handles. Shots of spectators, intercut with shots of the parade (6.02).


No credits. General views of the parade through crowd-lined streets. floats include "Nomad Camp"; "Old Church" passing Beveridges; brief shot of small tearful flower girl; amateur stage show (1.20); General views of crowd and prize-giving [by Lang Toun Lass and Laddie] for adults' fancy dress competition; 'baker' wins 1st prize (3.51); Dog show; Lang toun Lass and Laddie pose with the largest and smallest dogs (4.26); Lang Toun Lass and Laddie enter hospital; ints. visit to patients in the children's ward (5.49); The Lang Toun Lass and Laddie with "Groucho Marx" wave to the camera in close-up (6.00); The End (6.05).