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Title: KEITH SHOW, 14th AUGUST, 1951

Reference number: 1441

Date: 1951

Director: filmed by James S. Nairn

Sponsor: Caledonian Associated Cinemas

Sound: mute

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13 mins

Description: The Keith Show, with shots of the fairground, show jumping, football and a Charlie Chaplin imitator performing comic bicycle stunts.

Shotlist: Credits (0.06); Shots of wall with poster advertising Keith Show, also Guinness, HP sauce, Royal Navy; c/u Keith Show poster (0.27); A few people stand on pavement waiting? Shot of the Playhouse cinema, Keith, in background (0.47); Shots open air showground. Spectators milling around (0.55); Livestock ring, cattle prizewinners; intercut with shots of spectators (2.28) showing Shetland ponies (2.47); Display of Scottish Country Dancing. Shot of the accordionist and fiddler (3.15); Farm horses in livestock ring (3.40); c/u Page from Sports Programme (3.53); General views of spectators as they watch boys race and girls' race (4.45); Show jumping event (5.16); Exterior of marquees and interior of refreshment tent (5.57); Charlie Chaplin imitator performing comic bicycle stunts (7.06); General views of events intercut with shots of spectators, pipes and drums, pony and trap race, horse race, etc. (9.05); Shots of people in showground area (9.29); Children on roundabout. General views of fairground shows (10.29); Shots of spectators and teams during football match, possibly Keith v unidentified team; group photograph of teams, intermingled (13.00)