Local farmers on Shapinsay inspect cattle and horses at an agricultural show. (clip)

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Reference number: 1436

Date: 1936 - 1938

Director: [filmed by Revd. William Moore]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 33.45 mins

Description: Everyday life in the Orkney Isles, with footage of crofting and lobster fishing.

Shotlist: REEL I

No credits. [B/W] Brief shot of street. (0.04) Group alight from boat; visitors visit archaeological site? (0.18); General views of the landscape, horse drawn cart and home made wind-mill; group of clergy walking up road (0.52); Steamer by pier; rowing boats in the bay (1.08); Shots of harbour with gable ends of houses facing sea (1.39); Exts. woman walking towards camera down stairs; women on yacht, one waves her cap from her perch on the mast (1.54) Steamer approaching pier (2.04); Local Territorial Army soldiers line up on quay and embark on steamer (en route for annual camp) (3.30); Naval officer signals by semaphore (3.54); Shot of naval vessel off shore (3.59); Shot of sailors on small steam boat marked "HMS Ramillies" (4.05); Shots at agricultural show; showing heavy horses and cattle; calves; prize horses (6.04); General views of sports day; pole vault; end of women's egg and spoon race; women's sack race; men's pole vault; tug o' war; pillow fight (7.06); Shots of people in garden; pillow cases billowing on the line (8.06); Old man takes a suitcase off the back of a toy car with a boy sitting in it; small girl feeding her ice cream to a cat (8.26); Tracking shot from small boat leaving harbour (8.50); Landscape, mare and foal (9.07); Crofter and horse-drawn plough in field, hand sowing of seed. Crofter rests by wall. A tradesman in horse-drawn caravan sells eggs by roadside; ls woman walking away with her purchases in a basket; c/u sign "W. Sinclair"; shot of horse and cart (11.22); Scenes of harvesting; shot of kettle and basket; women pour out tea for men; women have tea (12.23) horses are fed; baling? machine drawn by three horses (13.02); Crofter mending shoe (13.23); General views seashore, men laying lobster pots and collecting catch (14.53); Yachts sailing in bay; c/u guillemot (16.08); Man reaping corn using a scythe (16.31); General views seashore; hen house on the edge (17.17); Shot house with water-wheel turning at side (17.40); views horses grazing (18.15)


No credits. [B/W] Shot of horse beside rural pillar box (0.12); Crofter eats lunch and returns to work ploughing field. Shot of farm buildings; washing drying on a line just next to the sea (1.18); Postman on horseback crosses beach and field to deliver a letter to farm; postman walking horse through shallows, then galloping across the beach (2.21); Another postman (not wearing uniform) delivers letter to farm (2.54); General views of sheep dipping (4.30); Shots of car being loaded onto ferry by cradle (4.42); "SS Iona" leaves Kirkwall? for Shapinsay? Shots from boat and general views on deck and of crew (5.39); Landscape, cattle in foreground, sheep in background; shots coast and sea (7.12); Shots of the Rev William Moore's wedding at a local church. The bride arrives. Wedding photographer photographs the guests. Bride and groom leave by car (7.52); Interior shots of the wedding reception and cutting the cake. Shots of guests outside. General views of town streets (9.05); Bride and groom leave by car (9.15); Then by RAF light plane. Shots of take-off; guests wave good-bye (9.56); [Col.] Shots of grounds and exterior of Balfour Castle (11.12); Shots of people yachting on "Klydon" and general views of yachts and seashore. (14.17); Exts. of ceremony unveiling stone memorial draped in a red ensign (14.33); men washing up on a yacht (14.45); two girls play with a terrier in a garden (15.19); Exterior of Balfour Castle (15.30)