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  • 2000s

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Title: MURCHADH MACPHÀRLAIN: Bàrd Mhealaboist

Reference number: 14270

Date: 2000

Sponsor: CTG, BBC Scotland

Production company: Metagama Productions

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 59.00 mins

Description: Award-winning documentary profiling Murdo MacFarlane, the renowned Gaelic songwriter from the island of Lewis, whose work was a catalyst for a whole new era of modern Gaelic music. [Source - BBC Alba]

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Shotlist: Tha na facail aig Murachadh MacPharlain rin cluinntinn air bilean ginealach as deidh ginealach , rud a tha fios a bheireadh toileachas dhan duine uasal seo a bha cho ladair na sheasamh a thaobh canan agus cultar nan Gaidheal. B'e techneolas gu ire mhor a dh'fhag gun thachair sin agus an inneal-claraidh a' fagail gum b'urrain na facail agus na fuinn aige a' sgaoileadh na b' fharsainge. Tha am program seo a'deanamh dealbh air an duine agus a bhuaidh a th'aige fhathast air beatha nan Gaidheal.

Award-winning documentary profiling Murdo MacFarlane, the Melbost Bard and renowned Gaelic poet and songwriter from the island of Lewis, whose work was a catalyst for a whole new era of modern Gaelic music. Having composed poems and songs all his life, it was not until the advent of the tape recorder that Murdo, who could neither read nor write music, became known to a wider audience. Featuring TV and radio archive recordings of Murdo being interviewed and performances of his work. [Source - BBC Alba]