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  • Ayrshire


  • Leisure and recreation
  • Tourism and travel


  • Promotional


  • 1930s

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Title: AYR

Reference number: 1321

Date: 1937

Director: d. George R Cooper

Sponsor: Ayr Attractions Committee

Production company: Ayr Film Unit

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14 mins

Description: Attractions Ayr offers the visitor, including theatre, cinema, Burns' tours, shops, the beach and surrounding scenery.

Shotlist: Credits. Ayr, a town rich in tradition and historical association yet modern in every way and ideal for happy healthy holidays. Long shot across fields to town (1.02); General views of streets, bus stance, railway station, taxi cab. Exterior of County Hotel (1.30); Visitor in streets of Ayr. Exterior of Gaiety showing "Gaiety Whirl of 1937", exterior of Pavilion as people enter, exterior of cinema with commissionaire at portal (1.58); Scenes at the harbour, horse riding on beach, shots of fishing boats (2.31); Visitor takes photographs of Miller's Folly [look-out tower] (2.46); Auld Brig (3.04); Exterior of Galbraith's the grocer (3.13); Pan up to statue in wall of Old Tolbooth (3.27); Exterior of shop (3.29); Kirk Port and Ayr Old Church (3.42); Exteriors of various shops, general views of streets and pan across rooftops (4.18); Exterior of Young's Tea Rooms. Exterior of Tam O'Shanter Inn and neighbouring shops (4.32); Visitor walking in street enters an antique shop (4.48); Malt cross (4.55); Exterior of hotel with wicker chairs outside on pavement (5.01); St John the Baptist church tower. Exterior of Gilchrist's bakery and tea room. Brief close-up of table inside (5.19); Close-up of counter in draper's, exterior of same shop (5.28); Pan along shop fronts, general views of shops (5.49); Motorcycle racing (6.13); Esplanade, people on beach and shots of others in paddling (6.43); Shots of sea lapping onto sand (6.59); Visitor in pedal boat (7.06); Bowling green (7.09); Shots of quayside. People board pleasure steamer. General views of vessel (7.26); Exterior of Ayr Information Bureau (7.39); A visitor boards a bus. It arrives at Belleisle Park. Shots of Golfer and man strolling in the gardens (8.05); Benalt Hotel (8.11); Bowling green and tennis courts (8.27); Man reading a newspaper (8.36); Exterior of Tweedie's service station as visitor fills car with petrol (8.41); Burns Cottage exterior (9.06); Visitor taking photographs in a graveyard (9.16); Burns monument (9.38); Long shot of Brig o'Doon (9.52); River walk (10.17); Steamer at quay (10.32); Race course, general views of racing, betting, etc (11.42); Visitor leaves in car. Shots of Tweedie's garage again (11.59); Car on road (12.08); Landscape (12.18); End credits (12.33).