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  • 1950s

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Reference number: 1311

Date: 1929 - 1950*

Director: [filmed by William Johnson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 50 mins, c

Description: A compilation of Johnson family activities including holidays in Orkney and the Shetland Isles.

Shotlist: [Note:- REEL I only shotlisted from timecoded VHS copy, please note this is the only reel currently accessible on tape and is only available in black and white]

No credits. [c1945-1950] Various shots of people wearing theatrical dress performing a play, "Ibsen's Ghosts", including Rosemary Baxter, Erling Midlin, John Graham and Nell Harrison (3.44); family shots in a garden including Rosemary Baxter's grandfather - Princes Street, Edinburgh. (4.23) The Prince of Wales Hotel; brief shot Princes Street (2.57); tracking shots of country roads; c/u Coronation window display; (3.13) [1953 Col.] Shots of Glamis Castle. Family in gardens. Men playing golf, teeing off in front of clubhouse (?) (3.53); man using PA system speaks to a group of children (4.10) shots of a football match. (4.17) Girl, possibly Rosemary Baxter, leaves a house and plays tennis in garden. (4.43) Man standing next to a van marked "Land Speight & Co. Ltd. Telephone & Electrical Engineers Glasgow" (4.55); [1950] line of young women in sandwich boards lead by woman in mortarboard, ringing a bell, advertising AEI Sale of work; they line up to show the front, then turn to show the backs of their signs; "Truants will be Sorry" etc. Man and woman walk hand-in-hand through a garden; brief shots of a window display with an automaton on a bike; (5.56) exts. brief skit involving a patient, doctor and nurse; (tuberculosis?) patients visible in b/ground, resting outside; c/us individual patients, who wave, except for one (6.52) brief shot Shetland pony; The Evasive Patient, a comedy involving nurses in the Scottish Isolation Hospital in Lerwick, including Rosemary Baxter's mother, and a patient (7.50) girls playing on a putting green, a race is visible in b/ground (6.14) shots older men playing bowls; ls liner in bay (8.38) older woman playing tennis with children in a garden; family sit together outside (9.11)


No credits. Shots of people jumping in and out of water. Shot of a ship leaving harbour, following coastline, ship enters large port. Shots of number of ships, passengers and freight. Shots of people walking in the countryside. Shot of countryside and a girl. People outside Edinburgh Castle. People sliding into pool and swimming. Shot of Edinburgh Streets, animals in a zoo, the Scott monument and Princes Street. People in a garden. People in railway station, probably Waverley. People on a crowded beach. Edinburgh streets and trams. People in a park. Edinburgh streets from top of a tram. (c 245 ft.).


No credits. [1931] General shots of Stromness (25 ft.); Shots of town streets and harbour, possibly Aberdeen (45 ft.); Family in countryside. Wide shot of Stromness, shots of Rosemary Baxter's parents (65 ft.); Shots of man and girl on a train and shots from the train itself. Shot of Rosemary Baxter's parents (85 ft.).


No credits. Shots of a cricket match, air show with planes and shots of helicopters (25 ft.).


No credits. Shots of man and girl in a garden (15 ft.); [1929/30] Shots of ships leaving harbour, wide shot of harbour, street scene. Close-up of bus shelter in Stromness (35 ft.); Shots of a man and a woman outside an unidentified castle, possibly Windsor. Stromness, Rosemary Baxter's parents (?) (50 ft.); Mother places baby in pram (75 ft.).


No credits. Cars at railway station, shots of Aberdeen harbour (?) and ship leaving the harbour (25 ft.).


No credits. Shots of an actor on stage, possibly on board the "Viceroy of India" (25 ft.).


No credits. Boy plays with paddle boat on boating pond and then walks along busy street in city, possibly Dundee. Boy watches train as it leaves a station (c 200 ft.).


No credits. Various ships and boats in Lerwick harbour during storm. Shots of passengers on board a liner (50 ft.); [1929] Girls playing golf and men bowling in Lerwick public park - girls identified as Rosemary Baxter's mother and Sister Morrison (75 ft.); Family shots in the countryside and outside a harbour. Rosemary Baxter's parents swimming in the sea at Stromness (c 100 ft.); Sports day, Inter County, Shetland v Orkney. Shots include high jump, boys and girls' races, a hockey match and a football match (c 150 ft.); [1938] Man and girl in a garden. General views of Rosemary Baxter on her first day at school (c 165 ft.); [1931] Shots of Rosemary Baxter's family in the garden (c 185 ft.).


No credits. [1939] Various shots of the family in the garden (25 ft.); [c 1920s/1930s] Family in countryside, possibly at Sullom Voe (50 ft.); Various people raking hay, including Rosemary Baxter's parents, swimming in the sea at Stromness (100 ft.); Shots of Paris, Easter 1954 [1931] Ship in harbour, bride and father, Rosemary Baxter's parents (120 ft.); Shots of family in garden and in a graveyard (135 ft.); Shots of Rosemary Baxter's family in garden and countryside (160 ft.); [1929?] Shots of man and woman in a baby Austin, possibly Rosemary Baxter's father. Her uncle (?) on a motorbike. General shots of countryside (185 ft.); Shot of passenger ship in bay and children playing in fairground. Children walking in a garden. Parades and bands walking through Lerwick streets (c 335 ft.); [1930s] Various shots of a plane landing and taking off. Shots of children playing (c 635 ft.).