OUR JAPAN: Bucharest Students' Views

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Title: OUR japan: Bucharest Students' Views

Reference number: 12501

Date: 2014

Director: d. Yushin Toda

Production company: japan desk scotland

Sound: sound

Original format: unknown

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 31.48 mins

Description: Documentary about two visits by japan desk scotland to the University of Bucharest in Romania, where their films about Fukushima were shown as part of japan-themed festivals and workshops.

Credits: p. Fumi Nakabachi and Yushin Toda, japan desk scotland
comm. w. Yushin Toda
ph. Fumi Nakabachi
ed. adviser Hajime Kobayashi, (Colin Brierley)
ed. Yushin Toda

Shotlist: Filmmaker's synopsis:

University of Bucharest, Romania, was visited in April 2013 to show japan desk scotland’s first Fukushima documentary, ‘Our friends in Fukushima’, as part of a japan-themed festival run by the Department of japanese Language and Literature. JDS was asked to run a workshop for the Department’s second-year undergraduate students. To their surprise, the workshop was run for two hours entirely in japanese.

A year later, the university was visited again to show JDS’s second Fukushima documentary, ‘100 Bq/Kg, 0.23 µSv/h: The standard of living in Fukushima’, and to interview the students learning japanese language about their favourite japanese phrase.

Their answers form the core of this documentary. Which aspects of japanese cultures are they interested in?

Interviewees (in order of their first appearances):
Anca Focseneanu; (First-year students) Violeta, Răzvan, Mădălima, Chris, Gabriela, Mihai, Flavia, Dan, Raluca, Cătălina, Adina, Roxana, Vlad, Adina, Simona, Ana-Maria, Alin, Dana, Andreea, Daniel, Adriana, Maria, Corina, Dan, Beatrice, Alexandra, Denisa, Camelia, Sorina, Roxana, Elena, Mara, Adina, Bogdan, Irina, Adina, Mera Sabina, Valentin, Ana; (Second-year students) Andrada, Miruna, Cristiana, Cristiana, Andreea, Marius, Ciprian, Yulia, Andreea, Florin, Delia, Lidia, Raluca, Mihaela, Alina, Cristina, Ioana, Yulia; (Third-year students) Alexandru, Cristina, Irina, Andreea, Adelina, Radu, Miki, Adreana, Ana-Maria, Andrei, Corina, Mihaela, Cristina, Yulia, Maria, Flavia, Catalina, Lorena, Oana, Delia, Crina, Andreea; and Ruxi.