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Reference number: 1245

Date: 1949

Director: d. Ronald L. Jay

Production company: Jay's Film Service

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 75.42 mins

Description: Festival events during the Newmilns Civic Week, 28th May - 4th June 1949; the historical pageant, church parade, gala day, carnival night, a fireworks' display and an old folks' outing to Burns country.

Credits: camera assistants J. B. McCord, A. Cochrane
Provost and Mrs Jamieson proudly present - to the people of Newmilns - this film of Newmilns Civic Week, 28 May - 4 June 1949.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from speed corrected VHS at 18fps, manual control track]


Credits. The Historical Pageant, Saturday 28 May (0.23); Shots of the crowds on the pavements and close-ups of a brass band and various floats, including tableaux of Covenanters, weavers, and burgh status being bestowed on Newmilns; float draped in a large American flag, participants dressed as Lincoln, weaver and African slaves (2.49) children's float; Provost's car (3.49) procession from a second and third point on the route; all floats, including a "Chartists demonstration"; crowds follow the procession (10.09); Ceremony and Gala Day at Downiesburn Park (10.13); The floats are arranged for display and crowds gather at Dowiesburn Park; pan over groups in fancy dress (11.19); Opening ceremony by Provost R Jamieson (11.24); Shots of the Provost as he delivers his speech and close-ups of the spectators (11.59); Handling on the Newmilns tradition (12.05); Various shots of the ceremony, speech from minister; ls crowds gathered in park; individuals from the procession present talismans of Newmilns to the stage (13.53); Dedication of the "Heirs of Truth and Trust". Miss Jean Mair. Mr John Stupart. By the Rev Edward T Hewitt, MA.; The minister performs the ceremony. Close-ups of the other officials (15.54); Presentation of the American flag by Dayle C McDonough, US Consul General, Glasgow. (16.03); Shot of same with close-ups of the spectators [BBC mike]; flag is handed over and unfurled to be shown to the crowd; flag is raised by Miss Jean Muir (18.26); Shots of a Boys Brigade pipe band (18.43); Country dancing and sports (18.48); Shots of girls dancing and shots of the various sports, including tug-of-war and football (20.24); The Provost and other officials have their photograph taken (21.10); Carnival night in the Morton Hall (21.14); Close-up of the band playing including c/u man playing a slide guitar and shots of couples dancing (24.16); Church parade and community service in Loudoun Old Parish Church, Sunday 29 May 1949 (24.22); Exterior shot of the church and shots of the parade led by a pipe band, followed by the Red Cross, Scouts, Guides; pan over British Legion members of the Newmilns and Greenholm Branch holding BL and Union flags, dressed in blue and yellow sashes; Council entering the church; (26.51) Shots of the crowds leaving the church (27.55); Laying the wreath on Covenanters' Memorial by Mr R M Paterson, Chairman of the Civic Week Committee (28.03); Shots of the chairman laying the wreath and shots of the parade marching past the memorial (31.13); Laying of wreaths on war memorial by Provost R Jamieson and Mr W Love (31.21); Shots of same with close-ups of the crowds (33.14)


No credits. Old folks and exiles outing to the Burns Country Tuesday 31 May (0.08); Close-ups of the pensioners and shots of them as they leave Newmilns by bus [Doon Valley Coaches, D. Morrison and J Forsyth buses] (1.38); ints. on the bus (2.30); Brief shots of Burns Cottage and the River Doon (3.41); Bellfield Kilmarnock rendezvous for tea; The buses arrive at a large house and shots of the pensioners walking around the grounds of Bellfield (5.14) photograph is taken of the group; members shake hands (6.37); Interior shots as the group take tea; exts. in gardens, c/u individuals speaking to each other (8.59); Newmilns Junior Secondary School sports at Isles Park, Wednesday 1 June (9.05); Various shots at the sports meeting including boys and girls races, followed by c/us winners; shots of crowds and judges; ms boy with a broken leg lying in a pram (13.04) pan over crowds; girls' high jump [including slow-motion shots] (14.40); Gymkhana, cattle and dog show at Townhead Park, Saturday 4 June (14.48); pan over show ground (15.27) horned cows are led past judge (16.00) ls show ring; ms children showing calves (16.47) dray horses; c/u spectators and policemen (17.42) c/u Cldesdale champion; 1st prize cow; gvs showing prize animals in ring (19.45) children's race on ponies and donkeys; shot of boy hitting uncooperative donkey with a stick; another boy chases with a walking stick- boy riding falls off; c/u winner is given his prize; pony race, boy receives his prize; (20.53) gvs dog show, spaniels; collies (22.24) ls show jumping; competitors lined up to receive prizes on horseback; shots of judging (24.18) further gvs jumping; [final jump in slow-motion] (25.32); The Executive of Civic Week Committee are photographed. (25.49); Exts. same, two photographers in a garden; shot of Committee; c/u members counting large numbers of bank notes [funds raised?]; men and women start fooling about, playing catch (26.58); Firework display, Monday 6 June; General shots of the firework display, including firework "acrobats" (32.12)


No credits. To Conclude We are Repeating The Historical Pageant (0.10); Shots of crowds on the pavements and close-ups of a brass band and various floats [as Reel I] (9.53); Provost R Jamieson has presented this film to Newmilns Town Council as a permanent record of Newmilns Civic Week (10.16)