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  • Fish and fishing
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Tourism and travel


  • Amateur


  • COCOZZA, Enrico


  • 1950s

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Title: ALASSIO 1954

Reference number: 1168

Date: 1954

Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza, Astral Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.50 mins

Description: A brief scenic tour of Alassio, capturing the essence of this Italian town.

Shotlist: Opening credits (0.22) Owing to its peninsular shape, Italy has many seaside resorts. One of the most beautiful is Alassio known as "The City of Flowers". Situated west of Genoa on the Ligurian Coast it takes its name from Princess Adalaxia, who once took refuge there when fleeing with her lover Aleramus. In summer the city has many visitors. This film was made in the quiet Autumn season (0.50) The fishermen set out at dawn for their daily catch. Shots of same, and subsequently hauling nets with catch into boat (3.08) shot of small fish market (3.30) The pier is a favourite morning rendez-vous. gvs at the pier (5.26) shots along the beach front, with EC himself walking along the promenade with a small girl (5.58) Alassio boasts over 30 large hotels and more than 70 "pensioni" or boarding houses gvs same, EC briefly in shot again (7.08) From Commerce Square in the Old Quarter narrow streets form the shopping centre. Shots of same (8.39) In contrast to the old... the ultra-modern flats. Shots of same (9.19) Two churches notable for the simplicity of their architecture. gvs same (10.30) At the railway station cabs can be hired. Shots of horse-drawn cabs (11.02) 297 ft

Alassio Part Two. Shot of people travelling through town and countryside on a horse-drawn cab [possibly relatives of EC] (1.48) This was once the site of ancient Alassio. All that remains of the original church dating back to the ninth century. Gvs same (2.27) Through the arch we see the old Roman town of Albegna shot taken through the arch showing Albegna in the distance (2.47) And from the west side of the hill a fine view of the bay. Gvs same (3.33) an afternoon visit to Moglio, a characteristic medieval village on the hills. The footpath to Moglio is cobbled and steep. Shot of EC walking up this path (4.10) the inhabitants cultivate vines and olive trees. Panning l/s over the town-scape followed by Enrico walking up the footpath toward a Baroque looking church (5.07) street scenes in Moglio, showing the rustic way of life (6.23) Back in Alassio we find a busy market. Shots of same (8.44) The favoured evening promenade to the Chapel on the shore...the "Cappelletta" Shots along this promenade, including fishermen in small fishing boats, and the sunset over the Cappelletta (12.45) The end (12.48) 345 ft