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Reference number: 1132

Date: 1961

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Thames and Clyde

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.30 mins

Description: An overview of southern Scotland showing its farming, industries and principal towns.

Shotlist: No credits. Southern Scotland lies south of a line joining Girvan and Dunbar (.31) Map of Scotland (.42) Most of Southern Scotland is upland country - a land of hills, dales and desolate moors (.51) gvs of hills and dales (1.37) In this part of Southern Scotland sheep farming and forestry are the main occupations (1.45) general shots of shepherds, sheep and sheepdogs (2.33) shot of fire warning sign and shots of trees (2.49) forestry workers trimming trees with shots of a horse dragging logs and a crane lifting logs (3.35) South and East Scotland is one of the richest and most highly mechanised farming areas in Britain (3.44) map of south-east Scotland (3.56) wide shots of farmlands with close-ups of a combine harvester, hay baler, bale lifter and men stacking bales (6.07) South-west Scotland and particularly the Solway Plain is Scotland's great milk-producing area (6.17) int. shots of an automatic milking shed (6.54) shots of Milk Marketing Board lorries collecting and delivering milk (7.22) Industries in Southern Scotland include: 1. Creamery manufacturers at Dumfries and other neighbouring towns. (7.35) map of south-west Scotland (7.45) ext. shots of Carnation Milk factory with shots of milk urns being loaded onto a conveyor belt (8.14) shots of lorries leaving the Milk Marketing Board creamery (8.23) c/u of milk powder being moved by fork-lift (8.33) shot of ext. of Bladnoch Creamery (8.38) shot of a man wrapping cheese (8.47) 2. Hosiery, knitwwear and weaving manufacturers at Hawick and other neighbouring towns (8.53) ext. shot of a clothing factory (9.00) ext. shot of Pringles of Scotland office with shots of two girls modelling knitwear (9.14) Generation of electricity. A. galloway hydro-electric scheme. B. Chapelcross atomic power station (9.26) pan over countryside with shot of a dam (9.37) ext. and int. shots of Glenlee power station (9.52) water rushing through dam gates (9.58) shots of electricity pylons in countryside (10.05) ext. shots of Chapelcross power station (10.32) Principal towns in Southern Scotland include: (10.36) general shots around Dumfries including a shot of Burns statue (11.09) general shots around Annan (11.33) shots of Galashiels (11.50) general shots of Selkirk (12.05) general shots of Hawick (12.29) general shots of Stranraer with shot of Stranraer to Larne ferry leaving the harbour. Caption The End superimposed over map of Scotland (13.30)