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Reference number: 11320

Date: 1979, December 12

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 124:00 mins

Description: A recording of The Scottish Ballet performing Cinderella in His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen, on 12 December 1979 [Note: incomplete recording, Act 3 is missing]

'The story goes back to pre-pantomime days where (Cinderella is not the familiar kitchen maid, but rather a gentle and reflective creature, looked down on by her more glamorous and sophisticated step-sisters - whose ugliness lies within their self-centred characters. The period is late 19th century.' (

During Act One the recording is of Sleeping Beauty but the music playing Adolphe Adam's score for Giselle. The picture stops at 46.00 but the music continues. During Act Two the music matches the recording, and the sound manager can be heard during the performance. Act Three is missing.

See also refs. 10923 and 11321 for other recordings of Cinderella in the collection.

Please note this is a copy of the raw capture of the original analogue video for preservation and as such may display defects such as dropout, washed out colour and sound fluctuation.

Credits: [Choreography: Peter Darrell
Music: Gioacchino Rossini, arranged by Bramwell Tovey (Excerpts from La Cenerentola and other operas, little known ballets and piano music)
Designer: John Fraser
Lighting: John B Read
Casting: Elaine McDonald, Donald MacLeary, Patrica Merrin, Vincent Hantam (Dandini)]

Shotlist: Act One:
2.39-46.00 (the picture stops at 46.00 but the music continues to 50.50)

Act Two:

Act Three: