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  • Shetland Islands


  • Arts and crafts


  • Documentary
  • Women film makers


  • GILBERTSON, Jenny Isabel (nee Brown)


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 1129

Date: 1932

Director: [d. Jenny Brown]

Sponsor: GPO Film Library

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10 mins

Description: Crofters are seen gathering and then "rooing" sheep, carding and spinning the wool to make jumpers.

One of a group of films about Shetland made by Jenny Brown and purchased by John Grierson for the GPO Film Library in the 1930s

Shotlist: No credits. Title (0.09) Shots of shepherds penning the sheep with close-ups of sheep, crofters and sheepdogs against the cliff edge (1.11) Shots of sheep being driven along slopes by a group of people, including children; gvs penning the sheep; (1.55) c/u individual sheepdogs (2.14) ms's crofters leaning on pen, and sheep (2.42); The sheep are now ready for "rooing" (2.46); Close-up of a sheep with its coat partly off (2.59); Close-ups of the men and women rooing the sheep, i.e. plucking by hand; brief shot woman stroking sheep's head during rooing (4.16); A man and a woman roll up the wool; c/u roll (4.42); Close-up of a letter. Glenesk, Kirkleston, 8 October. Dear Mrs Jamieson, Will you please make me a jumper of white home spun wool with Fair Isle patterns in green, blue, yellow and flame. We did enjoy our tea at the croft so much. Yours sincerely, Isabel McCrae. (5.06); So Mrs Jamieson takes a fleece and begins to tease it. (5.13) gvs same (5.58); Then to card it. (6.00) Shot of same [lifting small cat off lap] (6.52); And finally to spin the carded wool into yarn (6.57); Close-up of woman at spinning wheel (8.23); In odd moments between working in the fields or over the cooking-pot she knits the jumper. (8.30) Shot of two women knitting as they stand, beside a finished jumper on a board; c/u finished article; c/u knitting hands (9.23) ms Mrs Jamieson shows other woman her work, untucking it from her apron (10.00)