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Reference number: 1122

Date: 1954

Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.00 mins

Description: An amateur film experimenting in low key lighting.

See also ref. 1114.

Credits: With John Dick, William Skilling, Margo Pettie, Tom Skilling, Gavin Brown.
Decor by Fabrice
ph. E. Cocozza
ph. G. Cullen

Shotlist: Some speech over leader: "[you are about] to see an experimental film, made in Wishaw" (Cocozza?) (0.15) Credits. (0.55) c/u shot picture of young man in a straw hat (1.27) Ints young barefoot man with picture (1.58) a young woman dances with two men in a 'Spanish' style, intercut with c/us men's faces (4.15) man kneels to woman in a diamante mask, shot of mask glittering in darkness (4.25) Men fight, intercut with woman and pearls (4.57) Man tears pink silk scarf [Mars from Holst' s planet suite] (5.09) Men face each other on the floor, cut open a watermelon (5.35) Man approaches another out of darkness to strangle a man standing between three mirrors, smoke comes from his lips (6.05) A man collapses, while the masked woman looks on c/u straw hat (6.30) Man lies on floor intercut with woman's face, man rises, c/u pen and ink portrait of a bearded man, c/u painting of a seated man. The End (8.09)