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Title: CAMEO

Reference number: 1117

Date: 1952

Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 6.11 mins

Description: Fictional story of a golfer who finds a magical ring; he dreams that he falls in love with a lady trapped in a ruined house. [Highly commended at the 1953 SAAC Festival].

Credits: Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers 1953 Festival, Highly Commended Film.
cast Elizabeth Crawford & Leslie Crawford

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from time-coded VHS copy, times converted from 25fps to 18fps]

Credits. (0.39) ms golfer drives his ball into the rough; looking for his ball, he finds a cameo ring (1.39)
man rises, now dressed as a harlequin; ls of ruined grand building; c/u transformed golfer (2.16) montage of foliage and flowers intercut with man strumming his lute (2.56) ints. woman picks up flower (3.13) harleqin approaches the balcony of the ruin; woman throws down a flower; c/u woman's face intercut with shots of harlequin serenading her (4.25) ls man walks to a bench and sits; woman walks out to meet him; c/u puts ring on her finger (5.33) couple waltz across the lawn (7.16) they kiss; man and woman are suddenly separated (7.16) golfer appears dressed as before; picks up ball and walks away (8.20); The dream and the film ...are over. (6.11)