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Reference number: 1059

Date: 1938

Director: d. Alexander Shaw

Sponsor: Films of Scotland

Production company: Strand Film Company Ltd. at the Marylebone Studios Ltd

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Certificate: U

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15 mins

Description: The history of Scottish education.

One of a group of seven documentaries made for the 1938 Empire Exhibition, under the supervision of John Grierson.
See also SCOTLAND FOR FITNESS ref. 0231, SPORT IN SCOTLAND ref. 0314, FACE OF SCOTLAND ref. 0034, WEALTH OF A NATION ref. 1062, SEA FOOD ref. 1060, THEY MADE THE LAND ref. 1063.

Credits: p. Stuart Legg
cam. Jo Jago
m. orchestra of Trinity Academy Edinburgh under the direction of George Reith.
Recorded at Marylebone Studios on Piezo-Electric Sound

Shotlist: Credits [superimposed over shots of orchestra playing] (1.00) Gvs streets and villages as Scots children cycle or walk to school (1.17) Exterior of Victoria School as children file in (1.30) [Buchan Street School, Gorbals, Glasgow] Inside classroom children recite for teacher Miss Irvine, spelling of words, lists of towns, etc (2.06) Gvs playground and school assembly (2.41) Glasgow University (2.54) Brief shot of field (2.59) Gvs back courts and playing fields. Exterior of the Children's House 1935 and shots through window to classroom. Gvs nursery children at play (3.50) School children at dentist and optician (4.05) Delivery of school meals to kitchen and shots in dining hall during lunch (4.18) Milk is delivered to classroom (4.34) Gvs primary school class learning to read and write. Question and answer session in classroom (6.02) children with disabilities in classroom (6.45) Gvs children on their way to school. Shots of housing (7.18) Boy writing during exam, teacher marking, gvs classroom during exam. Shots of page from Intelligence Test and gvs of class (8.23) Gvs playground and classroom (8.38) Exterior Commercial Bank of Scotland building in central Glasgow (8.41) Shots of girls in typing class (9.01) Pupils play Monopoly, learn how to spin. Mothercraft and cookery classes (9.17) Exterior of Scottish Cables factory (9.20) Mechanics and printing classes (9.55) Shots in fields as potato pickers follow in the wake of a tractor and plough. Gvs pupils at rural school learning how to use a butter churn (10.25) Gvs classroom (10.37) Gvs form (10.41) Keep-fit class in playground. Brief shots of pupils playing cricket, golf, swimming, racing, playing netball and performing gymnastics (11.39) Young children are taught road drill in playground (12.00) Classroom in Gorbals school during visit by policeman (12.47) Gvs playground (13.05) Shots of Sir William McKechnie at BBC microphone during radio broadcast to schools. Sir William's address continues over shots of school buildings, art class, school dining-room and gymnasium (14.22) Shots from Royal High School in Edinburgh across to old town as boys enter school grounds. St Andrew's House in the background (14.29) Shots of school camp and climbing expedition (14.50) Gvs landscape and pupils in classroom (15.13) ecs (15.16)