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  • Fife


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  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 10306

Date: 1975*

Director: filmed by Dr. Ken J H Mackay

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.54 mins

Description: Amateur footage of the annual air display at Leuchars, featuring displays by a variety of jets, formation flying teams and helicopters.

Note on the film-maker - Dr MacKay was a physics teacher at the High School of Stirling.

Shotlist: title - ls parachutists - FALCONS FREE-FALL TEAM - gvs parachutists landing on airfield - BAC LIGHTNING - shots jet taking off, in flight and passing low - formation flying by group of five Lightnings - Lightning landing, trailing parachute (2.26) HSA HARRIER - jet performs low manoeuvres above airfield - HSA NIMROD - gvs Nimrod flying past - ZLIN AEROBATIC DISPLAY - gvs Zlin light aircraft in aerobatic display (4.43) LIGHTNINGS & PHANTOMS - groups of Lightning and Phantom jets in formation flying display - LOCKHEED STARFIGHTER (F104) - jet in flight and landing - FOUGA MAGISTER - jets in formation - FOUGA MAGISTER "DIABLES ROUGES" - six jets flying in close formation with coloured flares, one flying very low above runway (9.11) AVRO VULCAN - Vulcan flying past - HUNTING JET PROVOST - gvs jet performing aerial manoeuvres - VICKERS SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE - gvs Spitfire flying over airfield - BAC JAGUAR - jet flying low over airfield - WESTLAND WESSEX - RAF rescue helicopter landing - HSA ANDOVER - RAF transport aircraft takes off (12.15) HANDLEY PAGE VICTOR - RAF aircraft flies over with re-fuelling lines to two jets - MCDONNELL-DOUGLAS PHANTOM - jets flying past and in close formation, landing - WESTLAND SEAKING - Royal Navy helicopter - PITTS SPECIAL - biplane in aerobatic display (14.48) AVRO SHACKLETON - RAF patrol aircraft - GLOSTER METEOR & DE HAVILLAND VAMPIRE - two early jets flying in close formation and landing - SA BULLDOG - light aircraft - HAWKER SEAFURY - Royal Navy fighter - FOLLAND GNAT - jet flying past - FOLLAND GNAT "RED ARROWS" - formation flying team, trailing coloured flares (17.54)