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Reference number: 0966

Date: 1924, December 3

Sponsor: [ Tommy Timmons for Cinema de Luxe, Lochgelly]

Production company: Topical Productions

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.15 mins

Description: Ceremony to mark the unveiling of Lochgelly war memorial.

Commissioned by Tommy Timmons, proprietor of Cinema de Luxe, Lochgelly

Credits: [ph. Paul Robello]

Shotlist: [Note: Shotlisted at 18fps. Actual running time of this film is 10.44 mins at 16fps]

Credits (0.11); Memorial, unveiled by Sir Ralph Anstruther, assisted by Mrs Mary Hynes. Large group of men, most wearing top hats, assemble on temporary stage in front of church and behind the Memorial, shrouded in Union Jack. Spectators in front (1.29); Chairman's remarks - ex-Provost Paul. He addresses the crowds (1.45); Sir Ralph Anstruther addressing the gathering. Sir Ralph stands up, delivers speech and returns to his seat (2.41); Unveiling the memorial. Mrs Hynes performs the ceremony (3.57); Reading of the names by R Small Esq., Town Clerk. Shots of same, shots of crowd (5.58); The Last Post. Two buglers stand in front of memorial and play (6.25); Provost Bain accepts the custody of the memorial on behalf of the Town Council. Provost makes a speech, wreaths are laid at foot of memorial and people pay their respects by filing past (7.55); c/u wreaths and flowers; shots of memorial (9.10); The End (9.15)