DUMFRIES: Queen of the South

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Title: DUMFRIES: Queen of the South

Reference number: 0937

Date: 1961

Director: produced by the Dumfriesshire Production Group of SEFA

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.23 mins

Description: A description of the town of Dumfries in the Borders, the "Queen of the South".

Shotlist: Credits (0.09); Once a port with castle and monasteries (0.14); Sketches and paintings of early Dumfries (.26); General shots of scenery (0.40); Boys on memorial stone to Robert the Bruce (0.47); Admission board to Lincluden College (0.49); Ruins of the college (0.56); Street sign on wall reading "Friar's Vennel" (0.58); Sign reading "Church of Scotland - Greyfriars" (1.01); Where Bruce stabbed the Comyn and Burns and Barrie lived. Plaque in memory of 10 February 1306 when Robert the Bruce slew the Red Comyn in the monastery of the Grey Friars (1.17); Plan of the city of Dumfries in the time of Robert the Bruce (1.26); Shots of wall plaque dedicated to Robert Burns and a bust of the poet in a wall niche (1.36); Visitors enter Burns' house (1.42); Shots inside of manuscripts and possessions (2.00); Today and bridge town and route junction. Montage of road signs all pointing towards Dumfries (2.13); Views of bridges across the River Nith in Dumfries (2.28); Bus park and traffic (2.39); Dumfries station as steam trains arrive and depart, including the Thames Clyde Express (2.52); Busily engaged in marketing, shopping and distribution. Small girl feeds chickens (2.58); Shots of sheep, pigs and cattle (3.04); Cattle in bidding pen at auction (3.12); Shots in busy town centre. Shots in shop windows (3.41); Sacks of potatoes are loaded onto back of a truck (3.49); Dumfries is also a commercial and administrative centre. Post office vans in the sorting office garage (4.04); Post office vans leave sorting office (4.09); Mobile library in rural area (4.14); Exterior of a fire station, a fire engine leaves (4.20); Montage of name plates and signs from a variety of offices, including the Education Committee, Inland Revenue, Ministry of Transport, and the Forestry Commission (4.51); And a manufacturing town. Views of factories, including the North British Rubber Company, ICI and General Milk Products (5.36); With many other activities. Poster for 34th Dumfriesshire Musical Festival Association, 5 May 1961 (5.46); School children alight from coach. Children in hall? (6.01); A fairground (6.08); Exterior of Dumfries Royal Infirmary (6.13); Brass plates for a solicitor's office and Queen of the South Football Club (6.18); Licence - the Queen of the South. Street parade. Shots of pipers, the pageant queen, crowning ceremony and Common Riding celebrations (7.18); ecs (7.23)