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Reference number: 0932

Date: 1949 - 1950

Director: filmed by Iain Dunnachie

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.00 mins

Description: Life in the crofting community on the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

A prize-winning film at the 1951 Scottish Amateur Film Festival,
Highly commended at the first festival in 1950 of the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers

Credits: This film was highly commended at the first festival 1950 of the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographer. Scottish Amateur Film Festival. A Prize-winning film.

Shotlist: Credits (.10); Small girl in garden with SAFF silver cup (.15); The peninsula of Ardnamurchan lies halfway up the west coast of Scotland jutting out into the Atlantic, a few miles to the north of the island of Mull. It has a population of 750, and is an example of an isolated crofting community (.41); General shots of the scenery, including shots of some Highland cattle and the rugged coastline (1.35); A man in a rowing boat fishes in a loch and lands his catch (1.51); Faskadale and the salmon-fishermen. Shots of Fascadale Bay (2.00); Shots of fishermen in coble approaching jetty at Kilchoan and carrying their salmon catch ashore (2.15); fishing nets being hung to dry, possibly at Fascadale (2.33); Ockle - the people were shy (but not the insects). Shots of a few hillside cottages (2.50); Shots of pond (2.56); Occupants of a cottage in the doorway. They go back inside (3.02); A bridge over a stream (3.08); Shots of insects to be found in the locale (3.37); Kilchoan - the "capital" of the peninsula. Shots of cottages scattered along the edge of a loch (4.30); Kilchoan Hotel (5.07); A man harvesting his field with a scythe (5.20); Sheep are herded along a country road (5.38); Sheep are hand-sheared and marked with dye (6.19); Fleeces on a wall (6.26); Signposts for Mingary pier and Salen (6.31); Shot of the pier (6.37); Group of people on the pier (6.43); Approaching launch, loaded with supplies. The supplies are landed (7.26); Sanna - heaven for the young and a haven for the old. Panning shot of bleak landscape dotted with cottages (8.00); Shots of an old man plaiting a rope (8.05); An old man cuts dune grass on the beach with a scythe (8.20) Shots of children playing on the beach and in the water with their mother (8.58); Shots of rocky pools and marine life (9.33); Ardnamurchan lighthouse - the most westerly point on the British mainland. Long shot of lighthouse (9.58); Shots of sheer cliffs and surf breaking over the rocks (11.34); ecs (11.43)

RT 16 minutes at silent speed