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Reference number: 0827

Date: 1937 - 1940

Sponsor: [ Playhouse Cinema, Inverness]

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.22 mins

Description: Events in Inverness, includes Royal Scots Greys, the Northern Counties Show and Inverness proclaims the new King Edward VIII.

Details on shotlist from 8.10 mins supplied by Margaret (Tosh) Mathison, who is also captured fleetingly during these shots of the soldiers departing. These scenes occurred immediately after the outbreak of war.

Shotlist: No credits. Royal Scots Greys arrive in Inverness (.13); Northern Counties Show at Inverness (.23); Shots of crowds lining the streets to watch as the Royal Scots Greys pass by on horseback. Shots as civic dignitaries take the salute (1.28); Shots in large park of horse-trotting, slalom race for horses, re-enacted battle scenes and shots of horse jumping (2.07); Crowd shots (2.35); Horse jumping and equestrian display (3.39); [1937] Inverness proclaims our new King Edward VIII (3.50); Soldiers lined up for inspection in streets of Inverness (4.07); General views of large crowds (4.28); Shots of the ceremony, officials and soldiers. A proclamation is read out and three cheers are given for the King (5.33); General shots of people leaving the ground (7.01); [1939-40] Inspection of troops in battle dress (8.10); Various shots of soldiers on railway platform at Nairn saying their farewells, before departure to Tain [soldiers being the Cameron Territorials, accompanied by the 13th Nairnshire Company of the A.T.S.]; at one of the carriage windows can be seen Company Commander Davidson of Flemington; on the platform standing seeing them off is Lady Maud Baillie, the Area Commandant; also includes shot of AOC Lieu C Alex Cattarach, 4th Cameron Highlanders (9.09); Troops in battle kilts marching through streets and onto railway platform preceded by a pipe band (10.18); Shots of the troops (11.22)