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Reference number: 0777

Date: 1930s

Director: [filmed by John P. Ritchie]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.30 minsc

Description: Miscellaneous scenes of Renfrewshire life, including trams, a wedding and family holidays.

See also ref. 0778

Shotlist: [Note film has been shotlisted at 24fps. Actual running speed is 16fps and overall running time at 16fps is c. 14.30 min]

No credits. [Neg.] Various shots as hunt riders and spectators assemble (.37); Blacksmith shoes a horse by the side of a road. More shots of members of the hunt (1.35); Two men walk down path by side of a house and get into a car. Group of people, possibly on prom. General street scenes as group of people pull up in a car, get out and stand on the pavement outside a confectioners, then drive away again (4.05); Shot of bird feeding by water's edge (4.37); Two women walk along wind-swept road. One woman takes photographs with box camera in the garden of a wooden chalet. Others emerge and play up to camera. Shots of the two women on the wind-swept road again (5.35); Signs reading "Rothesay" and "Wemyss Bay" (5.48); Shots of foliage and birds' nests (6.18); Shot at a tram terminus, possibly in Johnstone, as open-top tram to Elderslie stops and the driver changes the overhead cable connection. Similar shots for single deck tram and shot of tram for Renfrew ferry. (6.51); [Underexposed] Shots of a wedding (7.21); Shots of a hunt (7.43); A man mends slatted trellis fence in a garden as a girl arrives. Man goes into a greenhouse. Shot of woman walking along pavement and then turning into a house (8.26); Shots of a game of badminton (8.35); Men carrying piles of publications? and loading them into a van (9.24); [Pos.] Exterior of ruined tower (9.35); Shot of a lighthouse and outbuildings (9.42); Brief shot of a small boat (9.43)