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Reference number: 0773

Date: 1940

Director: d. jenny brown and C.J. Cayley

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Certificate: U

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.00 mins

Description: Fishing and agriculture, transport, the archaeology and scenery of the Shetland Isles.

Review in Monthly Film Bulletin Vol 7, p. 144.

Preservation of this film supported by the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Credits: p. & ph. jenny brown and C.J. Cayley
commentary Morton King
m. Kenneth Leslie-Smith
assistant cameraman C H Heap
recording Imperial Sound Studios

Shotlist: Credits (.48); Shots of heavy seas breaking on rocks (1.09); Shots of early settlement remains at Jarlshof, remains of a fort built by Norse Vikings (1.39); General views of Scalloway and long shots. Shot of castle and surrounding country. Coastal scenery and bays. Long shots of the village. Medium shot of a croft (3.05); A fair-haired child at play in a back garden. Shots of hen and chicks (3.36); Shetland collies (3.54); Rabbit in a field (4.18); General views of birds, fields of flowers, and a brief shot of a croft (4.43); Long shot of scenery and general views of the countryside (4.56); Shots of telegraph poles and telephone lines (5.17); Long shots of the Island of Muckle Roe and bridge linking it with mainland (5.31); Shot of deserted whaling station at Cullavoe with outbuildings and two whaling vessels at quay (5.56); Sea-scape and cliffs (6.42); Esha Ness promontary with general views of cliff scenery and bird population. Shots of nesting birds, kittiwakes, guillemots, eider ducks and arctic tern (8.44); Greater black-backed gull in flight, shots of same with chicks (9.52); Shots of herring fleet in Lerwick harbour [overexposed] (9.56); Shots of people in Lerwick streets (10.20); General views of harbour packed with steam trawlers (10.36); General views of harbour as vessels ply back and forth. Scenes on quayside as women gut herring, men and women pack barrels (11.44); Shot across harbour to naval vessel and pan round to scenes of loading cargo and supplies (12.10); Passengers board ferry at pier and vessels casts off. Shots across harbour as vessel passes in background (12.38); Long shot from sea of town and harbour (12.41); Four or five flying boats on the water (12.48); Shots from ferry as it approaches Whalsay, the captain at the wheelhouse window. Small rowing boats row out to meet the ferry, supplies and passengers are transferred and rowed back to shore (13.26); Seas and shots of island group. Out Skerries (13.38); Shots of Shetland ponies being rounded up by crofters, taken to a pen where one is selected for work and bridled. Crofters lead the pony away as the rest are then released (15.11); General views of landscape and seascape (15.29); Long shot of island lighthouse of Muckle Flugga (15.40); ecs (15.48)