SAVE IN 1969

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  • 1960s

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Title: SAVE IN 1969

Reference number: 0659

Date: 1969*

Sponsor: [ SCWS]

Production company: [ Shaw Film Productions]

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 0.40 secs

Description: An advert showing a selection of Co-op offers, including Heinz Soup, Del Monte Pineapple slices and Golden Ball Marmalade.

Comment from "The British Co-operative Movement Film Catalogue" compiled and edited by Alan Burton 1997; "The Movement's shift away from CWS brand loyalty is complete in this television advertisement, which exclusively promotes non-Co-op brands. The Movement underwent immense changes in the 1960s, as it responded to major shifts in national culture and retailing. However, such a publicity exercise which promoted competitor's (and capitalist's) products would have horrified a previous generation of Co-operators. The film heavily features the new national logo (1968): "Co-op" on a blue background."

Shotlist: No credits. Selection of Co-op offers, including Heinz Soup, Del Monte Pineapple slices and Golden Ball Marmalade (0.30); [Plus 10 second shot of Co-op logo] (0.40)