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  • Highlands, the
  • Invernesshire
  • Orkney Islands


  • Ceremonies
  • Transport


  • Local topical


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 0646B

Date: 1933

Sponsor: [ Playhouse cinema, Inverness]

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6 mins

Description: The Inverness-Orkney plane is christened by Mrs. Donald McDonald of Scorguie. Passengers board the plane, speeches are made and the plane takes off.

Credits: [believed commissioned by Malcolm "Pop' Roberts, cinema manager ]

Shotlist: Credits. Lady Findlay, Sir Edmund Findlay, Mr Peter Findlay, who flew from Edinburgh to Inverness to be present at the opening service and then proceeded by plane to Kirkwall. Inverness - Orkney plane christened by Mrs Donald McDonald of Scorguie. Shots of a monospar (small two-propeller plane) taking off (.50); Crowds watching (1.04); Shot of pilot climbing into small plane marked "Inverness Highland Airways Limited, 36 Academy Street Inverness". Passengers, possibly the Findlays, board the plane (1.25); Speeches are made, the plane is loaded and then takes off (2.38); Aerial shots of urban areas and then the plane lands (2.49); Shots of Foxmoth bi-plane "Aberdeen" (of the Highland Airways) as it takes off (3.10); Aerial shots (3.35); Shots from plane as it takes off and more aerial views (4.24); Shots from plane of another plane flying on a parallel course (4.42); Pan across the city of Inverness, the suspension bridge and large cathedral come into view (5.19); Shot of a building, possibly the city hall, on an unidentified street (5.33); Back to an airfield, where a flag is hoisted and presentations are made (6.02).

NB Shots of a Gypsy Moth bi-plane occur throughout film.