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Reference number: 0616

Date: 1959*

Sponsor: [ SCWS]

Production company: Gate Film Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.00 mins

Description: Inside the SCWS (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd) Chemical Sundries factory, Shieldhall, Glasgow, demonstrating methods of quality control and product testing carried out by the laboratory, as well as processes of manufacture.

For further information see "The British Co-operative Movement Film Catalogue" compiled and edited by Alan Burton 1997

Shotlist: Credits (0.12); Shots inside the Chemical Sundries Department laboratory in the SCWS factory at Shieldhall Glasgow. Salt "tanker" unloading at factory; pan up pipes leading to silo. (1.01) Storage silos. Salt-packing machinery for "Snowdrop" salt (2.22); "Unitas" breakfast oats are weighed and packed. Oats being checked in laboratory. (3.21) Jelly is tested in laboratory. Shots of jelly crystals, "Pioneer" custard powder and lentils being packed (4.57); Aspirin tablet machine. (5.13) Tanks full of malt grain and the copper vessel where the extract is drawn off. Jars of malt extract and cod liver oil pass on conveyer. (6.09) Taste testing in laboratory. Testing wax polish, wax being melted down into polish mixture. Filled polish tins emerge from refrigeration unit on conveyer (7.24); Bleach is bottled and labelled. (8.15) Tube filling machine. (8.30) Packets of flower seeds. Shieldhall garden where seeds are tried out (10.04); Display of products from Chemical Sundries Department at Shieldhall. ecs (9.52)