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  • Edinburgh


  • Agriculture
  • Fish and fishing
  • Food and drink
  • Politics
  • Transport
  • War


  • Sponsored


  • RUSSELL, Stanley Livingstone
  • Scottish Films / Thames and Clyde Productions


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 0456

Date: 1941

Director: d. Stanley L. Russell

Sponsor: MOI & Scottish Dept. of Agriculture

Production company: Scottish Film Productions & GB Instructional

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11 mins

Description: A promotional film on how to fully utilise land during the war. Ploughing and harvesting, laying of pipes, and the Women's Land Army at work.

Credits: p. Mary Field

Shotlist: Credits (.24); Grain on conveyor belt, meat being loaded at docks (.49); Shots along the River Clyde (.56); Loading coal at the docks (1.22); Views of industrial areas (1.43); Fields and crops. Deserted crofts (2.31); Edinburgh and shot of St. Andrew's House (3.10); Diagram illustrating economies of oat production, etc. (3.42); Sampling soil on an allotment, shots of ploughing (4.51); Gyro tiller used to plough rough ground. Drains are dug and pipes laid. Examples of small areas of ground being worked, search light station, railway station (6.09); Deer in river (6.21); Man gassing out a rabbit hole (6.46); An expert advises a farmer on fertilising (7.48); Shots of harvester and stook making. Shots of the Women's Land Army at work (8.54); Allotment holders and women at work on farm machinery. Potatoes stacked in clamp. Shots of a portable silo for grass. Portable silos on golf course, sheep grazing on the greens. Fields of cereal (10.36); General scenes of agricultural and fishing occupations (11.14); ecs (11.19)