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Reference number: 0411

Date: 1949

Director: [filmed by Louis Dickson]

Sponsor: [ Hippodrome Cinema, Bo'ness]

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.00 mins

Description: Bo'ness Children's Fair Festival in 1949. Coronation of Queen Margaret [Carson], with pageantry and floats.

Very comprehensive website about the Bo'Ness Fair can be found at at [last accessed 12/2/2018]

In April 2009, the Hippodrome reopened as a working cinema - see for further information. You can also find out about the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival which is held there annually:

Shotlist: [No credits] Shots of crowds forming (0.08) Decorated archway with "Queen Margaret" inscribed across it (0.18) Ext. of Bo'ness Academy decorated for the Fair (0.44) Shots of the procession of school children and bands along the road through the archway (1.14) Shots of floats procession (1.56) CAC Presents c/u Fair Programme with photograph of "Queen Margaret"; views of pageantry in front of church. Stage holds the Festival Queen and her retinue. The Provost and his wife mount steps to stage and crown the "Queen" (4.25) Pan of town from hill. Shot of two girls looking at a page in the Festival Programme (5.06) Crowd scenes. Shot of women in wheelchairs at front of crowd. Children, Scouts and Guides lining route as "Queen" and her retinue descend from stage, including representatives of other schools, e.g. "Robin Hood and Will Scarlet" (7.20) General shots of participants in procession through town, with coaches and horses and brass bands (9.22) shot of crowds and floats in the streets (10.53)