O'ER HILL AND DALE: Shepherd's Spring in the Cheviot Hills

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  • Borders
  • Roxburghshire


  • Agriculture
  • Animals


  • Documentary


  • 1930s

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Title: O'ER HILL AND DALE: Shepherd's Spring in the Cheviot Hills

Reference number: 0389

Date: 1932

Director: d. Basil Wright

Sponsor: Gaumont-British Picture Corporation Ltd.

Production company: Empire Marketing Board Film

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.18 mins

Description: Produced by John Grierson, this film shows sheep farming in the Cheviot Hills.

Credits: p. John Grierson
comm. Andrew Buchanan
ph. Basil Wright

Shotlist: Credits (.38); General shots of the Cheviot Hills. Martin a shepherd from Langbank Shields, sets off for the hills. He treats a newborn lamb with gin and linseed to ward off dysentery. Martin spots a lamb stuck in a burn and rescues it (4.27); He finds a dead lamb. The bereaved ewe and a ewe with twins are rounded up and put into a pen. One of the twins is given to the dead lamb's mother. The shepherd covers it with the fleece of the dead lamb so that it will be accepted by the foster ewe. The shepherd helps a ewe which has got stuck on its back (9.20) He spots the signs of a wintry storm and so goes back home. Later, he sets off again and rescues a lamb which is in danger of freezing to death. He takes it home and his wife puts it in the oven to thaw out (14.10); Martin on the hills with his sheep the next morning (15.40)