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  • West Lothian


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  • DICKSON, Louis


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 0340

Date: 1955

Director: [filmed by Louis Dickson]

Sponsor: Caledonian Associated Cinemas

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.38 mins

Description: Bo'ness Children's Fair Festival of 1955, including coronation of Queen Margaret Grant of Kinneil School and general procession.

Very comprehensive website about the Bo'Ness Fair can be found at at [last accessed 12/2/2018]

In April 2009, the Hippodrome reopened as a working cinema - see for further information. You can also find out about the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival which is held there annually:

Credits: CAC presents

Shotlist: REEL I
title and credits (0.17) cars driving along Bo'ness streets, some bunting is visible (0.29) brass band marching along road [Bruce Balderson is briefly visible] (0.50) the band and the crowds gather at the house of the Chief Lady In Waiting, Janette Simpson. Floral archways decorate the outside. Janette exits the house and stands with the rest of the children, dressed in their finery (1.44) brass band marches down road as crowds look on, they stop outside the house of the Queen (2.09) Crowds await, Lady in Waiting (?) comes out of house and down the outer stairs (2.41) ints bedroom, as Queen Margaret has the finishing touches put to her hairstyle (3.13) gvs crowds, shot of Queen Margaret leaving her house and walking slowly down outer stairs and into the waiting car. Her mother (?) helps to carry train (4.27) car drives along road as crowds cheer her on (4.39) cars and brass band arrive at Kinneil School (5.05) brief shot horse and carriage (5.15) gvs school playground, Queen and her entourage (5.59) brief shot man making a speech, possibly Headmaster of Kinneil School (?) (6.02) school's parade in park, gvs crowds, processing under floral arches, assembly on stage, there is a man making commentary throughout (9.11) Queen walks to stage, gvs coronation ceremony (9.54) c/u town clock reading 11 o'clock, c/u diagram showing the position of everyone involved, such as Flowergirls, Fairies and Royal Retinue seated beneath banner, "Hail To Our Queen" (10.13) Provost's wife involved in coronation ceremony, crowd scenes (11.29) brief shot man conducting music (11.36) Provost and wife walk down steps, followed by various other members of the Royal entourage, flanked by Fairies and Flower Girls (12.09) gvs of the presentees, performing 'Sing A Song Of Sixpence' [these include John Melville as King; Jane Gibson as Queen, Margaret Gibb as Maid and David Cunningham, Brian Johnston, Ian Laing, Colin McKenzie, John Mill, Walter Sneddon as Blackbirds], and various other nursery rhymes (13.27) 908ft

[No credits] Bo'ness Children's Fair Festival Procession through town streets. ; pipe band, Provost waves from a car; GRange School Banner; procession of children; floats, includes footage of a float sponsored by 'Cogent Cigarettes'; (1.29) Public School banner; shots of crowd; pipe band (2.59) "Queen's" retinue procession; Queen and attendants pass in horse drawn carriages; Queen's Champion on a horse (4.16) Scouts, Guides, Sea Rangers, possibly Sea Scouts (?) in procession, followed by school children; shot scow float "The Pride of Borrowstounness" entering park; gvs crowd (7.32); Punch and Judy show in park, huge swathes of crowds look on (8.16) sunset over the Firth of Forth (8.40) The End (8.44) 590ft