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Title: NEW MINE, the

Reference number: 0297

Date: 1945

Director: d. Irene Wilson

Sponsor: British Council

Production company: GB Instructional

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17 mins

Description: Mining practices used at Comrie Colliery, Fife.

Credits: Produced by GB Instructional [for the British Council]
[ph. Frank North]

Shotlist: Credits (.15); General shots of coal mining. Coal trucks in pit, the pit head, miners digging (1.30); Shots of a new mine - Comrie Colliery. Pit head buildings. Mining engineering classes and a lecture on safety (3.00); Shots of a village. Canteen where food is prepared for miners. Miners' lockers. Shots of miners getting changed into their working clothes. They collect numbered chits and cap lamps (4.42); Miners enter cage. Shots of engine-winding room (5.52); They arrive at the bottom and make their way along the shaft (6.40); Shot of fan-house on the surface. Shots of drilling and coal cutting (8.36); Holes are drilled for explosives. Testing for fire-damp. Holes are charged, sealed and the charge exploded (9.54); Shots of the "duck bill" loader in action. Coal is loaded into steel trucks and taken to tipping plant (12.00); Trucks are weighed and emptied into a tip which is pulled up to the surface into apron feeder and grading machine. The picking belt where stones are picked out. Loading onto wagon (14.00); Coal is washed. Aerial ropeway dumps waste. Shots of the coal trucks (15.12); Miners return to the surface. Miners' showers. Miners leaving at end of shift (16.20); General shots of old pitheads and then the modern one (16.54)