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  • Aberdeenshire


  • Agriculture
  • Fish and fishing
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Ships and shipping
  • Transport


  • Sponsored


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 0281

Date: 1946

Director: d. John Eldridge

Sponsor: COI for the Scottish Office

Production company: Greenpark Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.00 mins

Description: An old fisherman compares his life with that of a modern fisherman and farmer. Film shows North East Scotland's industries, its scenery and its history.

Credits: in assoc. with the Film Producers Guild
p. Ralph Keene
ph. Martin Curtis
scenario Jack Common
comm.w. John R. Allan and Laurie Lee
ed. Henry Kirkby
m. Kenneth Pakeman
cond. John Hollingsworth
sd. rec. Merton Park Studios
Pattern of Britain Series
COI for the Scottish Office

Shotlist: credits (.21) shot of old man on pier. shots of fishing boats and quayside at Fraserburgh (3.08) shots of man leaving cottage. A lorry drives off. Shots of Pittulie and Gardenstown (4.36) shots of Fraserburgh harbour and fleet of steam drifters waiting to go to sea (5.10) old man remembers the hard times (5.40) shot on board "British crown" as it returns to Fraserburgh harbour and discharges a good catch from the hold (6.40) shots of woman wearing the costume of a fishwife of 200 years ago, Mormond Hill in background. Shots of peat-cutting and a castle (8.48) old man on train and shots from same. Horse-drawn plough and tractor. Shots of Aberdeen Angus cattle. Shot of the Aberdeen to Fraserburgh train (10.42) an old water wheel. Interior of Stoneywood paper mill at Bucksburn, Donside. Shots as wool is washed and woven. Interior of a distillery. A train (13.02) an old man is shown around a dairy farm (owned by Andrew Maitland Mackie, late Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire). Shots of tractors. In the milking shed. Milk is bottled. Interior of the farmhouse (16.42) gvs Aberdeen. Rubislaw granite quarry. Shots of university and general streetscenes in Aberdeen with trams (18.49) a cattle market, harbour and shipyard. Shots of a beach and children playing (19.55) shots of Scottish comedian, Alex Finlay, on stage at the Tivoli (20.55) streetscenes and views of Fraserburgh harbour at night, with Kinnaird Head lighthouse (22.04)