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  • Healthcare
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Ships and shipping
  • Tourism and travel
  • Transport
  • War


  • Sponsored


  • COOPER, Henry
  • HARPER, Alan James
  • RUSSELL, Stanley Livingstone
  • Scottish Films / Thames and Clyde Productions


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 0271

Date: 1944

Director: d. Stanley Russell

Sponsor: Ministry of Information for the Department of Health for Scotland

Production company: Scottish Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.10 mins

Description: Made during the war, the film promotes various health measures e.g. ante-natal clinics, school milk, holiday camps for children and inoculation.

Credits: camera Henry Cooper
commentary James McKechnie
ed. Alan Harper

Shotlist: Credits (.20) Gvs Highland countryside, isolated houses (.48) [Sequence illustrating problems of transport] Woman comes out of house and tends to baby in pram (.57) District nurse on foot on country track (1.05) Car travelling away from camera down rough road (1.13) Shots of choppy water, pan of shore (1.29) Man lights bonfire to summon assistance by smoke signals (1.42) Brief close-up [c/u] man with binoculars (1.48) C/u telephone receiver (1.51) Doctor's car on road (2.04) Doctor walks down jetty and gets into rowing-boat which sets off across the loch (2.22) Shots of water from boat (2.31) Brief shots [air-ambulance] plane in sky, views from plane of land, lighthouse and seaside town (2.42) glimpse inside plane as nurse comforts patient (2.45) Aerial views, plane lands (2.56) Panning shots smoky industrial city rooftops (3.05) C/u variety of smoking chimneys (3.15) Back courts, children playing (3.23) Two girls play on pavement (3.27) Rooftops and smoking chimneys(3.35) Ante-natal clinic, doctor takes woman's blood pressure (3.51) Class in mothercraft (4.10) Nurse prepares instruments for mobile maternity unit and packs them in case (4.38) Patient receiving blood transfusion (4.56) Interior of child welfare clinic as babies are weighed, checked and advice is given to mothers (5.51) Inside a nursery school, children at play [small boy on tricycle, others on rocking-horse] children wash hands and eat (6.33) (6.45) Medical inspections at school carried out by School Medical Service, including shots of boy having eyesight tested (6.58) Doctor prepares diptheria innoculation and administers same to toddler (7.22) C/u hands washing with soap and water in sink as children are taught the importance of cleanliness (7.43) Girls learn ironing in laundering class (7.58) C/u boys drinking milk, shots of entire class drinking milk (8.15) Rows of children in school dining-hall (8.32) Long shot holiday camp in the country [camps built just before the war now used as boarding schools for children evacuated from the cities] Girls play ball, boys play football (9.04) Children in classroom (9.24) L/s children outside (9.30) Crowds of men and women leaving [munitions?] factory (9.42) Women working with machinery (9.53) C/u exhausted woman worker (10.00) She is seen talking to doctor in surgery at work and receiving medical inspection (10.35) L/s and medium shot emergency hospital [where workers under stress are sent as part of an industrial health experiment] (10.47) Man lying on table is x-rayed, woman conducting tests in lab (11.17) Patients in dining-hall and convalescing (11.49) Two female patients walk down country road (11.54) Hospital buildings (12.11) Shots of bomb damaged buildings (12.27) ARP first-aid workers getting ready and leaving building, brief shot civil defence ambulance (12.41) L/s convoy, shots individual ships (13.11) Dockers unloading cargoes (13.31) Port Authority officials testing food samples for contamination (13.57) Examining doctor leaves quay and is ferried to ship where he checks medical records (15.01) Shots of dead rats (15.14) Doctor inspects crew for infection. Seaman who is ill is removed from ship by stretcher (16.21) Slum tenements, women and children in street, contrasted with new working class housing (17.05) Model of new housing (17.17) Children in playground on swings, chute, roundabout (18.12)