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  • COOPER, Henry
  • RUSSELL, Stanley Livingstone
  • Scottish Films / Thames and Clyde Productions


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 0111

Date: 1938

Director: d. Stanley Russell

Sponsor: Colvilles Limited

Production company: [ Scottish Film Productions]

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6.00 mins

Description: Made for screening at the Empire Exhibition Glasgow, the film gives an illustration of steel rolling mill production for girders for the Empire Exhibition Tower. Extract from 30 minute original full length version (missing).

Shows largest girder in UK being rolled (24’ x 7.5"). Colvilles bought up the Lanarkshire Steel Co. in order to get plant capable of rolling this size of girder.

Credits: [scenario George Blake
ph. Henry Cooper, Graham Thomson
comm. w. George Blake
comm. s. James McKechnie, Tom Smith]

Shotlist: Title. Dalzell Steel and Iron Works, Motherwell, Rodmill (.08) Steel "billets" from a continuous furnace are extruded through progressively smaller openings in order to produce a rod of a certain diameter. When this is achieved, the rod is cut into the required lengths. GVs 'rollers' catching white hot rods in pincers (1.40) Lanarkshire Steel Co. Ltd. Girders for the Exhibition Tower (1.48) A seven ton "bloom" of steel is rolled to produce a 140ft. girder in seven minutes (3.07) Next, the girder is cut to the required length on a hot saw (3.38) Shots of the steel skeleton of the exhibition tower during its construction. Various shots to illustrate the many uses of steel (5.10) ecs (5.20)