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Title: 4th cameron highlanderS AT BEDFORD

Reference number: 1388

Date: 1915c

Production company: Gaumont Graphic

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6.00 mins

Description: Never issued as a newsreel by Gaumont, probably commissioned for the local cinema, the film shows the 4th cameron highlanders wearing battle kilts marching during training at Bedford.

This film unknown to the Librarian at Gaumont News. Probably commissioned locally and shot by Gaumont cameraman for local cinema. Never issued as a newsreel by Gaumont. Filmed during training at Bedford, August 1914 to February 1915.

Preservation of this film supported by the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Shotlist: Title (.04); Soldiers wearing kilts march past the camera - these kilts have a khaki apron over them, worn to protect the tartan and, arguably, to keep them clean (1.03); Pan left to right of soldiers standing at being offered cigarettes (1.25); March past camera (1.44); Soldiers leading horses and horse drawn carts past camera. General views of soldiers (4.25)