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Title: GLASS MAN, the

Reference number: T2385

Date: 1985, April 18

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.49 mins

Description: Documentary profile of entrepreneur Gerard Eadie, Managing Director of double-glazing company CR Smith, including interviews with his colleagues and family about the reasons for his success.

Original STV index card notes: "The double glazing business is a cut-throat affair with many companies failing to survive the keen competition. One that is surviving - and flourishing as shown by this week's announcement that it is trebling its 600 strong labour force - is a Fife based company, CR Smith. To coincide with the announcement of their expansion plans Report compiled a profile on the company's managing director and driving force - a man who left school with no academic qualifications and started work as a humble apprentice glazer."

Shotlist: motorcycle starting up - gvs of trail motorbikes racing through forest, burn (0.42) [black with commentary] (1.42) gv countryside, pan to main road - int shot in car of Gerard Eadie, Managing Director of CR Smith, talking on telephone - tracking shot from car - shot of Eadie's car arriving at CR Smith offices - talking head Fife Council Director of Economic Development about CR Smith's new factory in Cowdenbeath - Eadie enters building (3.38) talking head Eadie about his early career as a glazier and starting his business, intercut with shots of him and workers on factory floor - talks about himself as a managing director - Eadie leaves office and gets into Jaguar - int shots in car, Eadie talking on phone - talking head Eadie about the importance of his personal image (6.13) ext gvs of CR Smith factory, Rogister and Solaglas delivery trucks - talking head Eadie about responsibility of running growing business - gvs staff meeting, including Eadie's brother George, company finance director, and brother Hugh, deputy managing director - talking heads Hugh and George Eadie about working with their brother (9.50) gvs workers cutting glass in factory - Operations Director Ed Hood talks about working with Eadie, his personality, intercut with shot of staff meeting - talking head Marketing Manager about working with Eadie (11.51) [black with commentary] (12.22) talking head advertising agent about 'self-opinionated' Eadie's confidence and infectious enthusiasm - talking head man about Eadie's original approach to business - talking head advertising agent about Eadie as 'bull in a china shop' - talking head about 'image-making' and presentation work for Eadie (14.48) talking head Eadie about his own strengths and weaknesses - gvs of computerised glass cutting on factory floor - Eadie and staff development manager Ian Campbell exercising in company gym - talking heads Campbell and Eadie about Eadie's fitness training programme and its business benefits (18.05) Eadie drives up to his house in Ferrari Mondial, goes into house with wife and children - talking head Eadie's wife about the family's domestic routines - talking head Eadie's mother about his early prospects (20.32) ext gvs CR Smith offices - talking head Dr Gavin Kennedy of Strathclyde Business School about Eadie's entrepreneurial skills (21.58) int gvs of motivational posters in workplace - gvs of employees at work in sales office, charts on wall - talking head Eadie about strengths of his workforce, intercut with gvs of telephone sales staff - sequence of shots of individuals defining Eadie in one word, including 'inspirational', 'dynamic', 'stimulating', 'exciting' (23.46) talking head Eadie, 'somebody's got to be the boss', and about plans for the future - end sequence of shots of factory floor, Eadie's children with pet rabbit, motorcycle racing in woods (25.49)