A Church of Scotland minister and a Catholic priest describe the challenges facing a couple from Arran who married and intend to bring up their family in the spirit of both faiths. (clip)

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Reference number: T2301

Date: 1985, March

Director: [d. Ross Wilson]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.24 mins

Description: STV current affairs piece on cross denominational marriage between a Catholic lady and a Protestant man from Arran. Starting with their wedding at Glasgow University Chapel, interviews explore the problems faced by the couple and the way their Priest and Minister have worked with them to not only marry them, but baptise and bring up their two young children in a 'Christian' home rather than a 'Catholic' or 'Protestant' one.

Credits: [ed. M. Kessler]

Shotlist: [trims, repeated footage from the report, following. Mute] (0.16) [countdown leader] (0.25) ints Glasgow University Chapel, gvs young couple and their two small children, remembering their wedding day there (1.00) the couple (the lady is a Catholic and the man a Protestant) discuss attitudes they faced from their families when they said they were going to get married (1.43) c/u still photographs of the wedding, including signing of the register Catholic Priest and Protestant Minister (1.59) i/v John Spiers, the minister recalling how he only had a minor role to play alongside the priest (2.32) i/v Jerry Hughes, the priest describing the ceremony itself (Catholic Eucharist, the minister performing readings). Priest admits the minister was left 'on the sidelines' (3.21) i/v husband, telling how he felt the minister's role was 'token' (3.49) ints Glasgow University Chapel, shots of family (4.12) further i/v couple concerning the problems faced when they came to baptise the children - they wanted a joint service. The Archbishop refused this on the grounds that a baptism was full acceptance into the Catholic community, not only the Christian community. The lady disagreed with that view (4.42 ) Minister tells of the baptism of the first child, Colin, who was baptised by the Catholic priest. Alan, the second child was baptised by the Minister in a Catholic chapel in Brodick. The man explains how the children are brought up in a Christian home, alternating their Sunday worship between Chapel and Church of Scotland, a practice he thinks is rather unique (5.27) i/v with Jerry, the priest, commenting on the fact the Church is rather out of date when it comes to cross denominational marriage (5.59) c/u photograps of the family at home on Arran, the commentary mentioning there is no segregated schooling on the island (6.14) i/v couple, the lady commenting on how she feels pressured by the church and the community generally. She feels the Church of Christ should be as one (7.15) i/v Minister and Priest, both mentioning that cross denominational marriage can work if both parties are equal partners and how the Church need to unite (8.04) c/u photograph, couple cutting their wedding cake. Voiceover makes the point that such couples are pioneers marrying across denominations and are not endangering the life of the church at all (8.24)