Candy floss, the dodgems, the big wheel, bingo - all the fun of the 1960s fairground! (clip)

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  • Food and drink
  • Leisure and recreation


  • Documentary


  • 1960s

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Reference number: T1676

Date: 1966

Production company: STV

Sound: mute

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 4.00 mins

Description: A programme filler of fairground footage shot at night, showing people enjoying brightly lit rides and stalls.

Shotlist: Gvs of children and adults enjoying the rides and sideshows at the fair, at night; walking amongst lighted rides; c/u lights; child playing fruit machines; customer trying games of chance, and hoopla; father and child sitting on carved horse in merry-go-round (1.02) stall advertising "Can Can", knocking over cans; shots of two armed ride; c/u goldfish in plastic bag; ints. toffee apple stall; bingo stall; boys emerging from "Rib Tickler" ride; bumper cars; duck shooting stall; shots of ride lit up, helter skelter; gvs crowd milling around ground (4.02)