GOODBYE SOLWAY: Destination St Kilda and Boreray

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Title: GOODBYE SOLWAY: Destination st kilda and Boreray

Reference number: 9067

Date: early 2000's

Director: filmed by Jim McMichael

Production company: Seascape Productions

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 30.41 mins

Description: Video record of a boat trip to st kilda from Solway and the west coast of Scotland through the Western Isles. [No commentary, occasionally mute.]

Credits: J.A.E. Jim Allison Editing

Shotlist: [colour bars] (1.10) clock timer [JAE contact details] (1.40) Title (1.44) pan over yachting guides and charts (1.55) Destination:- st kilda AND BORERAY (1.56) brief shots haaf net fisherman, man trailing a boat and tractor crossing Solway shallows, fisherman checking poke nets, haaf net fishermen standing in Solway, c/u warning sign (3.00) c/u surf, diving gooseander; mergansers; grazing barnacle geese; bluebells [mute] (3.52) c/u cherry blossoms; sunsets and flocking geese (4.27) gv's estuary flats and boats; exts. house with ship's wheel set into door (5.08) gv's sheep and lambs, Belted Galloway cattle (5.21) tracking shots from boat (5.41) tracking shots arrival in Portpatrick harbour; gv's lighthouse, Lifeboat station (6.51) gv's RNLB Mary Irene Millar leaving harbour over surf and returning at slower speed; men transfer to small boat (8.30) lighthouse beam [night] (8.46) tracking shots from boat leaving Portpatrick harbour (9.08) tracking shots gulls at sea and wake kicked up by boat; gv's Ailsa Craig (10.12) two men approach Ailsa Craig on dinghy; men sunbathing; c/u's gannet chicks and adult birds (11.42) tracking shots departing Ailsa Craig (12.20) gv's Kyles of Bute? (12.46) tracking shot canal banks; ms man talking about travelling canal, sipping from one of two glasses of sherry? sitting on control panel, intercutting operation of lock (13.31) gv's boat; sunrise (13.56) ls Donald on boat, speaks to camera (14.13) brief shot fishermen? chatting (14.27) brief shots surf; c/u Donald speaks about George Orwell, island of Jura in b/ground (15.14) gv's snorkel diver; diver holds up fighting lobster, before releasing it [mute] (15.48) tracking shot wake; gv's CalMac ferry, Clansman (16.10) shots of Oban and McCaigs tower at night (16.50) tracking shots coast, including Dunstaffnage castle? (17.19) boat comes in, Donald hurls the mooring rope into the sea; man checks underneath (17.48) ls man in blue overalls caulks the underside of the boat (18.00) ls Donald and son?; twilit landscape (18.14) brief shot RNL boat, ferries; gv's Tobermory and nearby lighthouse (19.11) brief shot Ardnamurchan Point and lighthouse; Jim pulling dinghy onto beach, brief shot others on beach, Jim securing dinghy (20.44) tracking shots form boat [mute] (20.53) ws boat in bay; men paddle in to beach on Mingulay; (22.02) gv's men birdwatching; ruined buildings (22.55) beach; men paddle dinghy against tide until they can start motor [speeded up] (23.18) Clansman; Kismul castle (24.04) gv's beach and surf (24.23) two fire appliances beside Barra Airport control tower; ws beach (24.46) tracking shot surf; dinghy approaches coast (25.06) c/u Welcome sign (25.12) gv's st kilda street; (26.39) gv's helicopter landing on island; closer shots Hebridean Princess; soldiers unloading helicopter of supplies, brief shots sheep, helicopter flies off (28.44) gv's caves, stacks (29.23) tracking shots coast and flocking birds; c/u gannet; sunset [slower speed, mute] (30.41)