SIMPLY THE SOLWAY: Fishermen of the Tide

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  • Dumfriesshire


  • Fish and fishing
  • Local government
  • Water and waterways

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Title: SIMPLY THE SOLWAY: Fishermen of the Tide

Reference number: 9066

Date: 2003

Director: filmed by Jim McMichael

Production company: Seascape Productions & Won For Vision

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 31.17 mins

Description: Documentary about unique methods of salmon fishing licensed on the Solway Firth; stake netting, poke netting and haaf netting. Includes interviews with fishermen about the practicalities, dangers and history of fishing there.

Credits: commentary Eric Robson
facilities Won For Vision
research Irene McMichael
produced and ed. Trevor Wonfor
A Seascape and Won For Vision production

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from .mp4 using VLC media player]

black (.20) aerial shots Solway Firth, images of fishermen superimposed [musical s/track] (.55) gv's salmon net posts visible above the level of the Firth; c/u warning sign; gv's salmon fishermen standing by nets in waist deep water [introductory v/o] (1.48) Title (1.54) gv's winter conditions in Firth and nearby,including ice skater, c/u diving goosander?, geese and walkers (3.15) gv's bluebell wood, gorse and primroses; brief shots barnacle geese, gannets (3.56) gv's man walking to Firth carrying a net, brief shot shaking out waders (4.11) i/v Bob Aitchison (4.41) gv's men setting up stake nets (6.04) i/v speaks about history obtaining licenses for fishing with stake nets (6.31) gv's men setting up poke nets on sand bank, using a tractor and a hand operated post driver [i/v fisherman in v/o] (7.44) ws Criffel?; gv's men working with half nets, walking into water; gv's man using net to judge bank edge before setting it down [explanation in v/o]; man kneels behind large salmon (9.55) gv's BA and George Willesay men walk to water's edge [conversation in v/o] (10.07) ms the men talk about the future of fishing on the Solway; gv's GW checking stake nets (12.10) ls man cleaning nets; gv's man collects fish from stake net chamber, releasing stray ducks and unwanted fish; killing a fish (12.52) ms BA and GW intercut with shots men harvesting fish from the stake nets and walking with haaf nets; fishermen leaving nets open for the weekend (15.18) gv's haaf netting including shots men "casting the mell" to establish precedence for choice of fishing sites [v/o man speaks about the dangers and the history of the nets] (17.29) i/v GW discusses relationship between English and Scottish fishermen (18.05) gv's haaf netter catches a salmon; men walk though Solway [explanatory v/o] (19.14) tractors cross the sands; haaf netters, newspaper story of rescue superimposed (19.57) i/v George Chalmers speaks about saving a fisherman [over music] (21.03) i/v BA and GW discuss dangers and their time haaf netting (22.29) gv's men maintaining nets and posts; GW demonstrates the poke net (24.48) gv's Solway intercut GW telling anecdotes (27.50) brief shots autumn scenes; gv's fishermen reversing their nets and dismantling them (29.59) gv's haaf netters in the Firth (30.40) montage Solway scenes in river and on sand [fishermen talk cheerfully in v/o] (31.17) ecs (31.40) partly edited rushes [some sound synced] (36.28)