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  • Colonel Arthur E Irvine and Richard Irvine Collection


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 8345

Date: 1947, October

Director: [filmed by Richard H.S. Irvine]

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 6.17 mins

Description: Amateur footage of the aftermath of the rail crash at Goswick in Northumberland on 26th October 1947, with soldiers of the King's Own Scottish Borderers travelling from Berwick Barracks to help in the rescue work.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from .AVI file using Quicktime]

(0.00) shot of collage of newspaper headlines concerning Goswick rail crash - shot of steam loco pulling passenger train under bridge at station - GOSWICK - THE EXPRESS LEAPT THE POINTS AT 60 MPH - shots of fire, steam and newspapers to simulate crash - shots of newspaper photographs of crash scene (0.59) tracking shots from vehicle in army convoy travelling down A1? - shots of aircraft overhead - shots along road near crash scene and l/shots of train crash scene - shots of derailed carriages, some lying on side, helpers on track, light aeroplane landing in adjoining field, ambulances in attendance - gvs of crash site with wreckage strewn around, onlookers - shots of helpers on boiler of loco, on its side, embedded in ground - shots of helpers trying to free passengers from wreckage, bringing out a stretcher to a waiting ambulance - shots of rescuers removing debris - shots of wreckage of train, soldiers arriving in background to help - shots of men pulling away parts of wreckage - shots of crane preparing to lift carriage - c/u shots of locomotive nameplate 'Merry Hampton' - shots of rescue workers pulling away debris, two King's Own Scottish Borderers soldiers beside derailed carriage - shots of crane - shots of medical staff and ambulances - gvs of wreckage - c/u shot of torn book, pages flapping in wind - shot of wreckage (6.17)