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  • Berwickshire


  • Landscapes and seascapes
  • Water and waterways


  • Amateur


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 8286

Date: 1980sc

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 16.51 mins

Description: An amateur overview of the life of Scotland's South East coastline, it's nature and communities. Featuring Berwick, St. Abb's Head, Farne Islands, Tweedmouth, the Eyemouth Herring Queen celebrations in 1986, and an RNLI rescue display.

Handwritten notes on original can label:- "Sea spectacular 1986 with 1987 addition. Berwickshire's Coast. Seafaring communities and activities. Untouched areas. St. Abb's Harbour. Seabird Life. Nature reserve Lighthouse communities. Harbour. Tweedmouth Dock. Pleasure & Trade. Seahouses. Farne Islands. Lonely Longstone Seal and Shag Gannet Tern Colonies. Long Seafaring History. Steam Puffer. Close ? in storm. Tradition living in Eyemouth Herring Queen Festival 1986. Coast's ever present peril. RNLI Display and rescue 1986."

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

[COL] JJ Films 16mm. JJ Films 16mm Production. very brief shot sunset. gvs harbour with fishing boats, c/u seagulls (0.31) hand drawn map of coastline, depicting St. Abb's Head, Eyemouth, Berwick and Farne Islands (0.43) gvs rough seas around the coat, rocks. includes a shot of a dinghy in water (1.06) view St. Abb's harbour (1.17) boat approaching and landing in harbour 'BK5' fishing boat? [film seems to run too fast?] (1.36) c/u birds on rocks (1.40) shot of boat (2.00) brief shot harbour, shoreline and coastal view, birds (3.10) harbour views St Abb's? man working on boat (3.29) colonies of birds on rocks (4.12) ext. St. Abb's Head lighthouse (3.59) colonies of birds on rocks (4.08) St. Abb's Head lighthouse exts (4.12) landscape and seascape around the lighthouse, brief shot group of visitors in car park at lighthouse (4.32) incoming boat to harbour (5.03) gvs [Tweedmouth] docks and harbour area, boats coming in and out incl. boat 'Merger' (5.48) [fast cuts between shots] gvs harbour and boat leaving with passengers [Seahouses] (6.04) gvs bird colonies, the Farne Islands as seen from moving boat (6.38) red and white striped lighthouse, helipad (6.51) views of sea and rocks (7.08) gvs lonely Longstone seal, shag, gannet and tern colonies. c/u birds (7.49) gvs harbour and boats (8.09) [BW, still images and paintings only] steam puffer in harbour and in storm (8.40) [COL] Eyemouth Herring Queen 1986 gvs fishing boats in harbour, men attending to nets (9.02) gvs harbour, boats decorated with flags, boat departs harbour and meets other boats in bay and they all return to harbour lined with awaiting crowds (11.13) brief shot of boat with herring queen and her ladies in pink dresses, crowds at harbour (11.37) procession of the Herring Queen and her entourage past crowds. They arrange themselves on podium where speeches are made and the Queen [Heather Gillie] is crowned [Maids were Cheryl Martin, Karen Coull, Isobel Dougal & Michelle Clements] (11.58) gvs boats bedecked with flags in Eyemouth Harbour, some further shots of Queen ceremony and crowds (12.12) gvs harbour and boats, crowds walk by (12.56) gvs RNLI display and rescue with boats, helicopter at Berwick / Tweedmouth, flares, an on waterski. Royal Air force helicopter winches him up. Canoe (16.29) men loading nets onto fishing boat, gvs boats in harbour (16.39) The End (16.51)