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  • Glasgow


  • Construction and engineering


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 7344

Date: 1950*/1961*/1963*/1964*/1965*/1966*/1967*/1968*/1969*

Director: [attributed to James Anderson]

Sound: silent

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 46.02 mins

Description: A visual history 'in and around Newton Mearns', on Glasgow's south side, this film features both still and moving image to create a montage of local history from the beginning of the 20th century.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from speed corrected Digital Betacam tape, manual control track]

Reel I
[BW] montage of still images featuring Newton Mearns dating from 1900. Includes street scenes, Porter's Inn, Main Street of Newton Mearns, Horse Buses, Golf House at Whitecraigs (1.29) stills, Eastwood Toll, Giffnock Railway Station (2.25) [moving image] tearoom, Ayr Road (2.36) [still] Mearns Cross and Kilmarnock Road, Anderson's Garage, wedding photograph, church and church organ, Loganswell, memorial on Ayr Road (4.23) stables (4.29) farms and countryside, mill? (5.11) farm (6.18) water pump (6.24) Mearns Kirk 1913 (6.39) family pose for photo. Still shot of steam roller on road (6.58) house (7.06) Mearns Brass Band (7.14) farms (8.22) Pollock Castle and then in ruins at a later date (8.52) house and gardens (9.24) photo of blacksmiths at work shoeing horse (9.33) house (9.51) mill? horse drawn cart, roads, Ann Cunningham? well and spring? men taking water from well. Memorial to William Mann of Whitcraigs, then contemporary "William Mann Avenue" (11.24) various houses and landscapes including some sort of landfill? (13.20) housing estate. moving image from car though streets of Newton Mearns, houses at Crookfur. house on fire and being demolished, gvs driving about, Anderson's Garage drawing up to petrol pumps (18.11) 489ft

Reel II
[no title] c/u view of model of flats with press cutting 'Luxury Flats Plan for Newton Mearns' (0.17) [BW] aerials of Newton Mearns, Barrhead Road, various houses etc (1.12) [COL] street scenes around Mearns Cross (?) junction (1.40) tracking shot as seen from car moving away from cross towards Eastwood School (2.16) same shot, this time moving towards the Cross in opposite direction and then turning left down the Ayr Road, past the garage on the opposite side of Cross 'Regent' (2.31) gvs around old village (?) houses etc (3.04) Wellmeadow (?) (3.28) and farm? buildings probably just Main Street as this follows these buildings brief exts Dairy (3.57) gvs Main Street, this time with building in ruins after demolition (4.35) new road? leading to countryside, gvs landscape including whitewashed farm buildings (5.16) exts prefabs (5.36) construction gvs for new petrol tanks, digging, demolition, pouring concrete, etc. (8.204) gvs road widening construction etc outside Anderson's Garage. Includes shot of existing tarmac being dug up, steam road roller, levelling, laying pipe (10.43) longer shots of road nearing completion, with traffic on it, elevated view over road and surrounding countryside (11.29) road surface being completed, tarmac levelled and steam rollered (11.55) completed new road with cars driving on it, exts Andersons Garage (12.14) car park behind Garage, full of cars (12.37) gvs demolition of house and gvs buildings surrounding, possibly back yards of Main Street houses ? (13.57) truck dumping rubble in landfill - in field anyway! (14.05) demolition gvs, including old police station and cleared area. Hens in backyard of existing buildings - Main Street (16.25) further gvs demolition and clearing rubble with trucks (17.08) backyard, and shot of exts primary school playground, kids crowding to look out of upper floor window (17.15) further gvs demolition by digger, some piles of burning rubble (19.30) tennis club, red blaise (19.48) exts house and gardens, ma shows around showing old photograph, picking roses from garden ,walking around house then gvs demolition same building (21.31) gvs housing and playing field (21.59) [film speeded up] gvs traffic lights at Mearns Cross by day (22.48) and by night (22.51) gvs houses around Cross area, near where the new shopping centre will be going, including prefabs (23.59) beginning of new shopping complex, surrounding roads and buildings etc. We see new building from various angles (26.28) gvs Barrhead Road, dilapidated housing there one minute, then gone (don't see demolition) exts Andersons Garage exit from car wash and gvs surrounding area, exts Mearns Cross Shopping Centre (27.48) ints shopping centre including William Low (27.53) 753ft