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  • Perth and Perthshire


  • Landscapes and seascapes
  • Animals


  • Amateur


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 7233

Date: 1950

Director: [filmed by W.S. Dobson (Primus)]

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 4.44 mins

Description: Short story about two young boys finding a tame fawn in the snowy hills of Perthshire.

Shotlist: On a cold Winter day in Perthshire two boys found a motherless fawn - - it was a lucky day for 'NODDY' (0.40) gvs river and snowy hills, boys walking through deep snow (1.36) fawn approaches boys and follows them (2.53) shots of boy brushing fawn (4.06) boys walk away and fawn follows them (4.26) boys take fawn inside hut - The End (4.49)