The orchard at Benvie, where fruit is gathered for John Smith's Fruit and Flower Merchant's business in Dundee. Women walk in the garden, James Munro enjoys snacks on plums and apples are gathered in barrels. (clip)

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  • Dundee


  • Leisure and recreation


  • Home movies and videos


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 6782

Date: 1933*/1935*/1937*/1938*/1944*/1945*/

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.10 mins

Description: A compilation of home movie footage, including John Smith's Fruit and Flower Merchant's business, unloading cargo at Dundee docks, family events and parties.

House at Benvie is also featured in ref: 7224.

Shotlist: The Editor's News Reel - At Pitkerro Nursery - shots of chickens and fowl in nursery yard, woman nervously riding pony (1.08) At Benvie Orchard - women walking along a garden path, gardener at work. (1.33) Mr James F Munro Enjoying a Snack - Amongst the plums. - man having a cup of tea (1.48) Gathering the apples at Benvie. - men gathering apples and placing them in barrels (2.06) Work & Pleasure at Crichton Street. - Men unloading crates and barrels from John Smith's lorry - street scenes outside John Smith's Fruit & Flower Merchants (4.22) Gv's of cargo being off-loaded on to horse carts from the 'Cairnesk' at harbour - crates being loaded on to John Smith's lorry at pier. C/u shots of the ship's crew (6.15) Party at Dr Lees Lammerton Terrace. - dark shots of children playing games in a garden. (7.15) Dr Lees & Martin. brief shot of man and toddler on a street. (7.22) Wedding Bells. Gv's of the bride and bridal party outside a church, and guests coming down steps - (8.31) At Reekie Linn. Gv's of a river and swans - The End (9.10)